Best places to buy watch straps (Short Buyers Guide)

You have only couple of watches and you don’t have much money for other watches, but you want something new? Or you have many watches, but you want to change something in them? Well there is one, cheaper and more easy option, you can buy watch straps (nato, zulu, perlon, handmade leather etc.). You can have only one watch, but 10 straps and with every strap the watch will look different and feel new.

Here are the main places I use to buy my straps.

Wrist Candy Watch Club

WCWC is based in USA. I think it was San Francisco. Customer service was nice and fast responding, despite hour difference in time zones. It’s the best place where to buy nato or perlon straps. They are priced good, have many different colors and the quality for the price is good. The Nato straps feel good, they are soft and aren’t like many cheap ones. They also sell Perlon straps, they are nicely made too, but not my cup of tea. They offer variety of sizes.

You can buy the here:


In my opinion one of the best Handmade leather watch straps you can find. The Colareb is based in Italy and they are producing handmade Italian leather watch straps in the highest quality possible! The Colareb is run by Fabio (one of the nicest guys I’ve had to have deal with). The customer service was top notch, just like the straps! Nothing bad to say about them! Of course the price is higher, but they are priced reasonably! They offer variety of sizes. If you want/need leather straps, I highly recommend buying them from Colareb!

You can buy the here:


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