Willis Judd Carbon Fiber watch (Review)

Like the inimitable Wesley Willis, Willis Judd is best known for bold and magnetic performances. This company for some time has been creating dark, wearable titanium jewelry with magnetic closures and has just moved into the watch world with their latest piece, a carbon fiber infused quartz piece that is good quality and mesmerizing, and costs only $59 for early birds.

The watch is live on Kickstarter. From today it will still be only 8 days live. And it is hitting a starting price of $59 for a massive case, great band, and a Ronda quartz movement. They had a goal of $10.000, now they are at $10.524, so they met their goal, and keep selling more watches.

They sent me two versions of the watch. One is black and the other one is stainless steel with matte finish. First of all the packaging is amazing. Watches came in this kind of carbon fiber style case, which is a great travel case. For $59 you can’t find a watch which has a case this good.

I took the watches out of the box, and right away, they feel very high quality. They are really heavy, but it adds this value to it. I like when watches are a bit heavier, light wathes for just feel cheap. img_5737The watches are massive at 45mm and about 10mm thick. So it won’t look good on the small wrist. The dark face features a carbon fiber background overlaid with gray hands and numerals. It’s not always perfectly readable but if you move the watch face slightly to catch the light you can tell the time without issue. This style of carbon face is called “Graphite Carbon Fiber”. On top of the dial, you get sapphire glass crystal. The PVD coating on the case seems to be rugged and won’t get scratches so easily.

Each watch came with this very thick carbon style leather strap on and also with another plain black crazy horse leather strap. The straps are good quality and wears very comfortably. They also come with this quick release option, which allows to change them very quickly. It seems that more and more companies start to use it. And I think that’s a good thing. Because I don’t like to use a special tool to remove the strap, as there’s always a risk of scratching the watch. Movement is Ronda 763, which is Swiss made movement. This is very commonly used movement, because of its reliability. Each watch also comes with 1-year warranty.

Overall the watch is pretty cool. It does not feel cheap. I asked a friend how much do you think this costs, and he said more than 200$ when I told him it was only 59$, he was surprised. So Willis Judd made a very good quality piece for the lowest cost. Do I recommend to buy this? HELL YES! Buy it while the price is so low on Kickstarter!

Price – $59 @ kickstarter 


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