Kvarnsjö Leather watchbands (Review)


So one day Sofie from contacted me through instagram and asked if I wanted to check out they’re new line of watchbands. We had many successfull collaboration in the past so I was “why not?”. Cheapestnatostraps claims it offers the largest selection of NATO straps, zulu straps, perlon straps and regular watchbands at the best prices. And I can say that that’s true, I havent seen any other seller offer more straps for good prices.

So the new line is called “Kvarnsjö” it offers suede and leather watchbands. And each has variation, like padded, vintage, racing etc. I more liked the suede ones, and also the vintage looking ones. In the later package I got the racing, padded, leather ones.

As they say on the page, the watchbands are handmade. I have read that many people on forum’s say that they aren’t handmade. But then again, why would you lie? I think that no one thinks that someone could sell handmade straps for such low prices. As I have seen other ones go for 50-100$. But these are starting from 9.95$ up to 19.95$ a piece. And that’s cheap for a handmade!

The straps are very soft. Especially the suede ones. And they go so well with many watches as you can see in pictures. Th straps smell good, it isn’t that cheap smell you get from ebay ones at that price point. The only complaint I could say is that stitching on vintage ones are quite bad, not all, but some has a glue sticking out a bit or the stitching. Watchbands come with springbars and buckle so it’s a quick swap.

Measurements: 19,7 cm in length (12 cm x 7,7 cm) and about 2,5 mm thick. The strap width at the buckle is 2 mm less than the spring bar width. If you want to change the buckle, choose a buckle that is 2 mm narrower than the lug size (16 mm buckle for 18 mm straps, 18 mm buckle for 20 mm straps, and 20 mm buckle for 22 mm straps).

All straps found here:

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