22 Design Studio Contour Rollerball Pen (Review)

So, today we are gonna take a look at a pen. YES! A Pen! I know I was writing two years about watches only, but this year I wanted to change something and write about other Men’s accessories. Of course, the blog will stay mainly as a watch blog, but time to time I will review Pens, Bags, Wallets, Grooming products, Notebooks, Planners etc. I have actually so many product reviews planned so it will be a busy year of writing. Today we are taking a look at rather interesting writing instrument.

In the world of writing instruments, you’ll find a wide array of materials used to bring these products to life. Plastic, metal, wood and other natural materials. One material that I couldn’t imagine in making pens is concrete. But that changed when I received the Contour Rollerball from 22 Design Studio.

That’s right, the Contour Rollerball is a pen made from “high-density concrete” and stainless steel. And, let me tell you, it’s a very modern and interesting writing instrument. Given the materials, it has a nice weight to it that gives it a precise and industrial feel. It looks cold and heartless on the desk, but when you pick it up, you realize that there’s a warmth and softness in the hard materials. The concrete is very soft, it almost feels like something plastic. When I told my friends from what was this pen made from, they were surprised. It really is a special pen that you have to hold in your own hand before you can fully appreciate the design and materials used.

The pen is machined very well, it is very precise. Everything feels like it was milled with high precision instruments to make this beautiful pen. The pen is heavy, I like it and every groove feels and grips well in the hand. The stainless steel cap is a screw on and has a plastic insert to keep the refill from drying out, and it has some weight to it, despite beeing such a small part.

The refill is accessible through the front of the pen. The small section between the cap threads and the refill tip unscrew from the body of the pen to give access to the refill. Everything inside there is meant to be, so it means that the refill is a snug fit so you won’t be able to use any refill. But don’t worry, though, because they picked very good refill: the Schmidt 888 ceramic rollerball. And god how good it is, the pen slides on the paper so softly. To write with it is pure enjoyment.

For the main part of the pen, body or concrete I would say that it looks good and also feels good. The pen is flat on opposite sides, and there are graduated plans that widen toward the middle of the pen, giving it a stepping contour shape. On one end of the pen body, “22” is embossed to indicate the pen brand. That is the only branding you will find on the pen. And I like that they didn’t go full on with the branding. The pen looks so clean and nice that you can use it as a design element in your house 😀

The concrete body of the pen warms up in your hand after a while and that kind of creates a connection between you and pen. This is high-end, high-density concrete. Over time, the concrete will absorb oils and react with the air, taking on a unique personality similar to the way brass watches do or watch straps. And then it will really have character. Also in the 22 Design Studio website, it states that the shape of the pen will also contour over time as you use it.

Overall, I’m really impressed by this pen. It feels good, it writes good and it has a great visual presence. We will see how it will look after some time when it is used daily. The price of the pen is €80.00 @ kohezi.com 

Thanks to KOHEZI for a chance to review this pen. Go to they’re store and you will find everything from good looking and quality pencils, rollerball pens, fountain pens, notebooks and many other writing tools.


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