Lord Timepieces Heritage (Short Review)

Today we will take a look at a cheap watch. The company is Lord Timepieces. They make or should I say, just buy wholesale watches from Chinese manufacturers and stamp the logo on and sell them from 68$ to 87$. Their main audience is fashion people, who don’t understand anything in movements or brands. But kudos to them, they are one of the fastest growing cheap watch brands out there. So they really must know what they are doing. Why I chose to review they’re watch? Because I wanted to take a look, to find if they are good or not? So let’s dive in.

My first thing to do was find from which Chinese wholesaler they bought all the designs. I found a couple of variations of this case style and dial style on alibaba.com. They all were somewhere between 2-4$ a piece so you can see how the company works by that. It isn’t the only one, there are many other companies that do that, for example, MVMT or Daniel Wellington and many other brands.

The watch came from the UK. When the package arrived, the edges of the box were smashed in like it was used as a ball in soccer. It just says how customs/mail threat our packages, but that’s a different story for other time.

Today we are looking at Lord Timepieces Heritage watch. A rather popular choice in they’re collection. Heritage is made to look like something vintage with a modern twist. Watch is rather ok looking, the quality of the case is also ok for the price. Plating looks like it will come off in a year or two because you can see that it is applied very poor, there are spots on the case and also in some places, the plating is darker and in some lighter.

Movement is automatic, but you can also hand-wound it. I couldn’t find any info about the movement, I compared it with my seagull movements, but I couldn’t find anything that matches. So I guess it is a generic/cheap Chinese mechanical movement. Right now it ticks and has about +10 seconds a day, it isn’t so bad, because I get the same thing on some mechanical watches that have Miyota inside. But we will see how the movement will last. I will update you in a year or two about how it works.

The strap was actually decent quality leather and break in as soon as I first put it on. So that surprised me. The watch is actually quite comfortable to wear.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Could I recommend buying it? Depends on you, if you really like them, then buy it, because if it makes you happy, it’s ok. But for the price I recommend Seiko 5, you can find on eBay some used/70s vintage Seiko 5’s for under 60$ and you will have a great brand with in-house movement.

*UPDATE: 23.04.2017 The watch today stopped, the movement just stopped moving, no winding or winding by rotor helped. At first, I thought it had too much shock, but I didn’t drop it or something. Took it to a watchmaker (A very nice one, his usual repairs are on Omegas, Rolexes etc.) and he said that the movement wasn’t oiled at all. It was going dry all this time. It’s just like driving a car without engine oil, all the parts get worn and break within hours. The watchmaker said that this is a common problem with cheap watches like these. The repair costs: 45$, so basically half the watch price. I didn’t repair it, as I won’t spend any cent on this. 

Price: 74$ @ lordtimepieces.com

Size 40mm
Case thickness 13mm
Case colour Gold
Dial colour White
Movement Automatic
Strap width 24mm
Strap Leather
Strap colour Brown
Water Resistance 3ATM


8 thoughts on “Lord Timepieces Heritage (Short Review)

  1. Seeing the wonderful pictures & price, I didn’t have second thoughts and purchased one and it was a “crystal” model. I was disappointed because the mechanical movement stops every hour(needs to constantly shake or rewind the watch(factory defect? I dont know). Looking closely at it’s face, I noticed a white paint sort of smudge on it(my impression was that they tried to cover a stain/rust or something)… Overall, I regret my decision on buying this watch.

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    1. Yup, and the internet is full with only positive reviews on these bad watches. Seems like they delete all negative reviews. But mine is doing it’s job. It is pretty popular (first google search page). Hopefully more people will read this and stop buying those s**t watches.


  2. I actually came across this pretty randomly by just searching for “Lord Timepieces” in Google.
    I bought a watch from then about somewhat a year and a half ago right for the time when I graduated, I don’t know it just felt like a nice thing to have.

    Gotta say that it worked fairly well for a long time. I used it for more than a year until it broke during work (I did construction work while travelling back then, shame on me for wearing it while working).
    I mean you can’t really expect saphire glass or something for this price, its probably the cheapest mineral glass you can somehow manufacture, but in my opinion its just what you can expect for a new watch in that price segment.

    So for people who just want a watch thats looking good and that might (with bad luck) only work a few month I think its okaaaay.
    I got a lot of compliments for the skeleton design (I bought the Bolt back then), but for somebody whos looking for quality a definite No-No.

    TL;DR: Good for people who know nothing about watches and are maybe purchasing their first watch, experienced people with knowledge won’t buy from them anyways.


  3. Strap fell apart after less than Six months.

    Was told by customer service that the strap wasn’t covered under warranty and that I would need to pay for the new strap and cover postage.

    Poor product quality, and very poor customer service.

    There are lots of watch companies out there, don’t waste your money on this one.

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