Paule Accessories (Men’s accessories)

Today we are gonna take a look at some men’s accessories. Well, I chose this brand, because my girlfriend makes them. She mainly makes accessories for women (necklaces, chokers, hair accessories, rings, earrings etc.). So if some girl wonders into this post, or maybe some guy want’s to make her girlfriend/wife a nice gift, then check out the facebook page:

But we are here not for women’s accessories, but for men’s. So Paule makes bracelets for men, it isn’t anything special, you would say. But these are special because you can order everything that you see on her page, and also order something special. Like for instance you browse your Instagram feed or anything else, and you see a bracelet, but it’s too expensive for you. Then write her a message and she will make you one for a great price. All the bracelets that are available on the page cost 8-10€, but if you want to order something special, then it will cost a little bit more. Here are some nice examples on my wrist:

These were only some bracelets, there are more! All bracelets are made from the best beads she could find. She really goes into detail, if the pearl is damaged or even slightly scratched, she won’t use it. She wants everything to be perfect! At stores, I usually see that bracelets have a bit damaged or slightly scratched beads, and they sell these bracelets for 80-100€, and that’s not acceptable. Here at least you get quality and handmade product! For this attention to detail, she doesn’t ask much. I personally like these bracelets very much and I wear them with my watches a lot. Here are some shots on the wrist with some watches:

So definitely check her page on facebook and treat yourself with some handmade goodies!


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