Every Man Jack Manual Razor + Shave Kit (Review)

Today we are gonna take a look at something rather unusual for me. And it won’t be a watch review today. It is a manual razor and shave kit from Every Man Jack.


It seems like all grooming and style companies are releasing their own versions of the best razor available. A few years ago, everyone was pushing for more high-tech automatic shavers and cordless razors. I’ll admit, I didn’t have a high-tech razor, I just used regular Gillette razors the I bought a shaving machine, and that’s what I used for the last two years.


But the trend has changed again, in favor of simplicity and returning to the basics of manliness and shaving with a razor – not with and electric thing-a-magic. Every Man Jack has followed this trend and delivered a nice product. The Manual Razor is a cartridge razor like many others out there, but it’s different in two key ways:

  • Six blades on each cartridge
  • Modern heavy gauge metal, no-frills design

Six blades. Six. I once believed that four are enough and to me, that was plenty enough and I had a smooth shave. These super thin blades are spaced just far enough apart to prevent the clumping and collection you find with other razors. When I first tried it, I couldn’t get my mind why there are no shavings waiting to get rinsed off. The blades were still visible and ready for more shaving action. So that was a pleasant surprise.

The handle is heavy in a good way and also easy to adjust to because it feels like you’re actually holding something of value. As I’m coming from the cheap disposable razors way of life, I never felt like I cared about my razor. This version of a disposable razor gives me a sense of pride about my shaving routine and it’s much more enjoyable. It’s like that heavy duty new tool you just added to the toolbox: You don’t need to use it every day, but man does it make you feel macho every time you break it out. It’s just like that.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the manual razor because the six blades really are comfortable and resilient, and it gives me a close shave with less effort. Also, I like the design (handle). I like that it’s metal and that it’s heavy, you can really feel the razor in your hand. Definitely, go check it out. The whole set is only 30$. And for that, you get the razor handle,  razor kit and the stand for the razor. 4 pack cartridges costs only 15$.

Price: 30$ @ everymanjack.com

Kit Includes:

  • One razor handle (Razor handle made from Zinc Alloy.)
  • One Stand
  • Four cartridges (Cartridges made from Stainless Steel.)


So let’s start with the Shave kit. Wel basically it’s a kit that includes face scrub that you use before the shave, shave cream and the face aftershave lotion. Plus they give you an Every Man Jack branded brown toiletry bag, which is quite good and useful to carry the shave kit and manual razor with you on the road.


Starting with the face scrub. It felt good. It has almost no smell to it. It’s neutral. And that’s good because after I shave I want to put my cologne or any fragrance on me and I don’t want it to mix with my face scrub, shave cream or lotion fragrance. After about week of using it you start to notice some changes, the face is a lot cleaner and feels nicer.

The shaving cream is really nice. In the past, I used Nivea or Loreal shaving creams as they were the best from the accessible ones, at least better than Gillette ones. It really softens the stubble before the shave. It is really creamy and has a nice consistency. And again I like it, that it is without fragrance.

Face lotion really moisturizes face after a shave. After you put it on, you can’t feel any irritation on your skin. In the past, I had trouble finding the right one, as many of them don’t help me. So this was really surprising to see. They also say on their page that it’s for all kinds of skin types.

Overall it’s a nice kit. Really worth of those 20$ you will spend on this one. The value if you buy separately is 35$. So you save 15$ which is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Price: 20$ @ everymanjack.com

Kit Includes:

  • Face Scrub Fragrance-Free
  • Shave Cream Fragrance-Free
  • Face Lotion Fragrance-Free
  • Bonus Toiletry Bag


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