Luco Classic Orange Steel (Review)

I was watching some watch people photos on Instagram. And saw this one brand. And the watch looked just like JLC Reverso but isn’t. As one of my grail watches is Reverso. I immediately wrote the guy and he gave me a link to they’re website and I contacted the company and they sent me one out for a review.

So the watch we are taking a look today is Classic Orange Steel from a company named Luco. The watches they make are mostly meant for women, but also can be worn by men. The orange and white dial ones speak to me the most, but in steel color. The gold ones just look like made for women more than for men.

The watch came in this nicely made red leather case. You just open it, take the tab and slide out the compartment where the watch sits.

This is actually my first rectangular watch that I will review. The case I suppose is made from stainless steel. The shape and overall design is taken from the JLC Reverso. Although it doesn’t have that rotating feature that Reverso has. The case is 24mm wide and 48 high. The lugs are 18mm wide, so that for is quite a bummer. On my hand 18mm straps look silly. But what I did, I took the vintage leather strap and just cut the bits off at the lugs and now it looks much better. The finishing of the case is very nice for the price, also the machining work is done quite good. I couldn’t find any flaws that would catch my eye. Crystal is mineral, but what did you expect? There won’t be sapphire crystal on a watch that costs only 189$. The water resistance is only 3ATM (30m). But that’s enough for daily handwashing or rain. The crown is small, but despite that is easy to grip.

The dial is orange with Roman numerals on 12, 3, 6, 9. The outer rectangle is darker orange and the inner one is a bit lighter orange. The hour markers are in white. Hands are in this sword form. There are only two hands: hours and minutes. No seconds, and that I think is good, gives the watch a classic look. Overall I like the dial. This besides the Seiko is only one that has a colorful dial. Others have, white, dark blue, brown or white, nothing that pops in the eyes. But this one is quite a fun piece.

The movement is Japanese quartz and that’s all I can say about that. But as we all know, the Japanese quartz movements are very reliable and will last a lifetime if you take care of the watch. The strap was this alligator grain genuine leather band. To me, it felt a bit cheap, maybe because of the lacquer finishing. But anycase I changed it to vintage leather strap.

Overall this is a nice looking piece. It really looks classy and has its own twist with those colorful dials. I also picked it because it is an homage to JLC Reverso which is one of my grails. You really should grab one for yourself. If your collection contains watches under 1000$ then definitely grab one. It will freshen up your collection 🙂

Price: 189$ @

  • High quality genuine calf leather with alligator texture
  • The watch case. is 48*24mm.
  • The thickness is 7 mm.
  • Mineral glass.
  • Japanese quartz movement.
  • 3 ATM water resistance.

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