Fulton & Roark’s Solid Cologne (Review)

Today we are gonna take a look at some Solid Cologne’s, but first some history of them.

Solid perfumes or cream perfumes are perfumes in solid state rather than the liquid mix of alcohol (ethanol) and water used in eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, etc. Normally the substance that gives the cream its base comes from a type of wax that is initially melted. Once melted, a scent or several scents may be added.

Solid perfume is used either by rubbing a finger or dipping a cotton swab against it and then onto the skin. Sometimes solid perfume can take more time for the deeper notes to come out than a spray perfume.

The latest solid perfumes are designed as handbag aromas, so a compact way of making perfume more portable.

Historically, ointment-like unguents have been used as a type of solid perfume since Egyptian times.

So today we are looking at Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne’s. I wanted to test these out for a long time, because here in Latvia, I never saw them. When I actually received them, the whole package had this nice smell from them.

Fulton & Roark is company born out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, F&R began with a series of solid colognes. They are actually very known brand in U.S. They were featured in big name men’s magazines like GQ, Forbes etc.

These colognes come in beautiful brushed/polished metal slide boxes that are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but surprisingly weighty, but that just adds up to the quality of the product. Actually, I found out that it was fun to flip open the lid from time to time, it’s just like the zippo lighter, you can’t stop playing with them 😀

I tested on two scents: Captiva, Clearwater. The scents are surprisingly diverse. Here are all of them:

  • Captiva – Green Citrus, Wild Rockrose, Salt Water
  • Shackleford – A sophisticated blend of sandalwood and warm amber

  • Tybee – A brisk white musk accented with rosewood and cedar.
  • Hatteras – Fresh and green with light spice
  • Clearwater – Madagascan Geranium and Oak Moss complemented with notes of fresh water
  • LTD Reserve #2 Escalante – Haitian Vetiver and Italian Bergamot

There is something for everyone: if you don’t like the more pungent scents, you could go for one of F&R’s cleaner scents, and vice versa. But they all smell good. The aroma is strong, but when applied it is subtle.

The scents themselves are wax-based, and they’re surprisingly strong when you smell straight from the packaging. But after you apply it, it becomes more subtle. My girlfriend said that the smell was mainly and had that fresh and natural feeling that most perfumes, colognes lack these days. I like when odor has that citrus, fresh water, wood notes. So I was immediately in love with the Captiva, but I also liked Clearwater.


Initially released as our first limited reserve offering, Clearwater started with our discovery of Madagascan Geranium. The flower grown off the coast of Southern Africa has a rich, green fragrance. But unlike its Egyptian and North American cousins, the Madagascan variety has a bold, masculine quality that makes it a perfect centerpiece for a modern man’s cologne.


Inspired by the Southwestern Florida island of the same name, Captiva is a cologne that is sure to leave an impression. A modern men’s fragrance, this citrus, aromatic fragrance features top notes of bergamot and citron and fresh green leaves that open to labdanum accented with vetiver. Light and aromatic while decidedly masculine, Captiva is a fresh yet assertive scent that’s ideal for every season.

Notes of fresh water and oakmoss are complemented with wood and clean citrus. The resulting fragrance reminds us of the Clearwater River in Washington state, rushing from the Olympic Mountains toward the sea.

In terms of use, most of the colognes stood up to the test of time. The Captiva lasted a full day of a walk outside, in restaurants, in stores and when I came home I still could smell it, and the same I could say about Clearwater. So that is good. I have Tom Ford, Moschino, BOSS perfume and they all barely could last full day of work.

These wax-based scents are more portable than their liquid counterparts, and their containers are handsome enough as to warrant reuse after the last bit of cologne is gone. Overall: a great product. I like the use of metal containers and that they are reusable, and I think that the container will look cool after 2 years of carrying it around everywhere and will have a nice patina on it. The company truly knows they’re thing in solid colognes!

You can check them out at they’re website: fultonandroark.com The prices start at 42$ to 60$ and two cologne refills will cost you from 70$


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