Chiefs Tobacco Cologne (Review)

Today we are gonna take a look at Chiefs Tabacco Cologne. I wanted to test this for some time as I saw this in GQ and other magazines and online blogs. And they gave this product five stars out of five. It was also mentioned as one of the top 10 long lasting colognes in the market right now.


So first impressions when I received it and smelled it very good. It reminded me the scent of chewing gum called Big Red. It had that cinnamon scent. So I’ve been testing this cologne for about two weeks straight and damn. For the price, you get a lot of cologne. The scent is simple, yet manly. It is clean, refreshing and very long lasting. I spray it two times in the morning and after 10 hours outside I still can smell the scent very good.


It is made from 100% authentic, organic and imported from the USA, giving you an assurance that this product is not a fake and tightly undergo control production. More so, this long lasting perfume product is a woman approved and is tested with women and a majority of them love it, as surveyed. Some also call it “sex in a bottle” and continuously receiving compliments. Aside from its smell, this is sure to give a long lasting scent which is designed to last all day long, keeping you feeling fresh. The manufacturer is providing a 100% money back guarantee to all its verified customers. Within 60 days you can get your money back.


Overall I liked the cologne and definitely suggest you buy it. It is pretty cheap for a scent this good. If you are searching for something new and manly, then choose this. I really liked that cinnamon scent, it gives you that fresh nature scent and isn’t such a synthetic scent that most of perfumes/colognes have these days.

Price: 55.99$ @


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