Woodtime Horae – Walnut & Coal (Review)

As you know I’m a bit sceptical about wooden watches. I really don’t know why I hate them, but the main reason is I guess the weight, I really hate when you can’t feel the watch on your wrist. I really like when you can feel the watches weight on your wrist, to me if the watch has some weight then it has more quality. Not that I don’t like to see the wood on my watches, wood is one of my favourite materials I like to work with. But in the two months when I started running every week, I really started like wooden watches, because of the lightness.

So today we are looking at Woodtime Horae watch from. The watch attracted me with the case shape. It wasn’t the usual case shape I see in the wooden watch world, usually, they all are the same wood watches from some Chinese wholesale site with a different logo stamped on.

The watch arrived in this small box. Nothing special of you ask me, but it is a cheap watch. The first impressions were as I expected, it is very light 😀 They also sent me another strap to check them out and they are really cool. I like that they are very soft.

So the case is made from walnut wood. I like when you can see grain on wood, and on this, you really can see it. The case size is very good 40mm so it will suit men and women easy. The dial diameter is 37mm, lug to lug is 44,5mm, lug width is 18mm and case height is 9,3mm. The case back is a screw in and also wooden. On the case back you will find engraved logo and the company’s motto. About the water resistance, I really don’t know on these watches, because there are big gaps between the grains where the case and case back connect, so I guess you won’t be swimming or washing hands with this one.The crystal I think is mineral, that’s another thing I don’t like to be used on wooden watches because they usually are very thin and it immediately screams “CHEAP” in my head. Just make the crystal a bit beefier if you want to use mineral glass. The crown is in gold colour and easy to operate.

The dial is pretty minimal and easy to read. The dial is in white with gold applied markers. On 12 you will the Woodtime logo,  which is subtle and doesn’t pop in eyes so much. The hands are simple and also in gold colour to match the hour markers and crown. The second’s hand is black. Around the dial where the case meets the dial there is a golden ring that goes around the dial.

The movement is Miyota 2035 quartz, which is one pretty reliable movement. And that’s all I could say about this one 😀 The straps they gave me were pretty good quality. They both are suede straps with gold buckles to match the accents on the watch. On the buckle, you will find Woodtime logo engraved.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Overall the watch has some flaws like the crystal and the weight. For the crystal, I would use much thicker crystal and probably use steel case back to give the watch a bit some weight. That way the watch would feel a bit better. But as it is, it really suits my sports need. I use it as my running watch. It is simple, easy to read and has almost no weight.So if you need something fro some outdoor sports or activities like that, it’s perfect!

Price: 120,00 @ woodtimewatches.com

Gender Unisex
Movement 2035 Miyota Quartz
Wood Walnut

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