Every Man Jack Beard Wash + Beard Oil (Review)

Today we are gonna look at something that I wanted to try for a long time. I usually shave once/twice a month and always have this little beard. And it is a beard wash and beard oil from Every Man Jack.


I wanted to try the beard wash and oil because usually, I wash it with regular body wash soap and my skin gets very dry and the beard gets very sharp to the touch. So I wanted to try something that moisturises the beard and keeps it soft to the touch. So I reached out to the Every Man Jack and they delivered just what I wanted!

So the beard wash. It came in this rather small bottle, but it is plenty enough for one to two months to last. I chose the one with cedarwood scent. You don’t need much as it gets soapy very fast. after one time of using it, you can feel better results than with regular soap. The skin was moisturised and didn’t get sharp to the touch. Also, it has a pleasant smell, it reminded me something from the wood. Actually all Every Man Jack products has a nice scent to them. Everything they use in their products is natural and comes from nature.


Overall this is a very great beard wash for a pretty cheap price. I looked for this in many stores and it usually costs 2-3 times more than this. The skin gets moisturised and the beard hairs get softer too. After 2-3 weeks of using it, my skin got better. Now when I shave it doesn’t get dry.

Price: 8$ @ everymanjack.com

Origin Manufactured in Minnesota
Components from Nevada
Designed in California
Fragrance Cedarwood
Size 4.0 FL OZ (118 mL)
Directions Rinse face. Lather a small amount in your palm. Gently massage into beard and onto the skin. Rinse completely.


So now let’s look at the beard oil. It comes in this small bottle, but it lasts fro about 1 month. I chose the sandalwood fragrance one. The smell is actually very good, very manly, reminds me one of those Hugo Boss perfumes, but I don’t remember which.

I never used the beard oil too, to me it seemed a bit strange to use, but I wanted to try it because my skin is very dry and the beard hairs are sharp to touch. After using the beard wash I apply the beard oil. You just take a small drop and rub it in the beard. I actually don’t use perfumes when I use the beard oil because it has a very strong scent. After applying the beard hairs get pretty shiny, that isn’t maybe the thing I like, but trust me, it is healthy for your beard.

Overall the beard oil is great, but I don’t think I will use it in the future as I don’t like the shininess when I apply it on my beard. But if that doesn’t bother you, then go on!

Price: 10$ @ everymanjack.com

Origin Manufactured in California
Components from Nevada
Designed in California
Fragrance Sandalwood
Size 1.0 OZ (30mL)
Directions Rub a small amount in your palm. Gently work into beard and onto the skin.

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