Sternglas Zeitmesser 38mm Brown (Review)

Today we are gonna take a look at another Kickstarter project watch. This time it comes from Germany. The company Sternglas went on a mission to produce affordable Bauhaus design watch. And damn, from the looks, I think they did it just right. And I’m the first watch review blogger who will review this piece

So the company launched their Kickstarter project on 11. October of the year 2016 and they made €16,591 with help oh 118 backers. That was enough to launch the production of the Sternglass Zeitmesser.

Here are the main reason and solutions for what they wanted to achieve and of course achieved:

Mission: We wanted to build an affordable & durable timepiece with awesome product design for less than 300 €. We believe that good design has to be affordable for everyone.

Problem: We think it is annoying that affordable watches often don’t have a good design and medium or bad quality. Why?

Solution: The STERNGLAS timepiece: We designed a high-quality watch, tested by a German watchmaker (Staatl. geprüfter Uhrmachermeister). A durable domed sapphire glass, stainless steel case and quartz movement made by Swiss manufacturer Ronda.

MOST IMPORTANT: Superb product design: We think the STERNGLAS watch is the best-designed watch in the price segment up to 500 €. We have used traditional German design principles linked to Bauhaus-Design to design an remarkable timepiece.

The idea of this watch was born six years ago, but the brand didn’t get any starting point and the idea was put on the shelf. Just in 2015, it got some movement forward. As you can see they went through many designs to get the best possible result, although I like many designs they didn’t go on the final watch.

So after seeing this project on Kickstarter, I wanted to review one of these watches. I really like the Bauhaus design, and one of my dream watches is the Nomos Club or Tetra. They really managed to get the proportion nice and minimal as it needs to be. So I reached out to them and now they sent me one piece for me to make a review.

So the watch arrived in this white cardboard box with some Sternglass branding. You open the box and here lies the watch. At first, I was wow, it looks much better than in pictures. I took it out of the box and noticed already that the strap is super nice, it was buttery smooth and so soft that it doesn’t need the break in period like other straps do.

So the case of the watch is made from stainless steel. The case is rather small, only 38mm big. And it is 8mm thin. So it sits very nicely on the wrist. The watch is finished in polished finishing. The finishing is nice and even. I like the small line “bezel” that goes around the crystal, it really gives the watch nice look, without it, it just would look like a regular minimal watch. To me, the overall watch feels almost like Nomos. It has that German Bauhaus styling, which is minimal and it is so refined. Also, the quality of the cases is impeccable. The crown is on 3 o’clock, it is small, but easy to grip and I think it looks just right. The case back is also polished and is held on with four screws. On the case back you will find a logo and some specifications. The watch has a sapphire crystal. The watch has only 3ATM is 30m water resistant, but I think it is plenty enough for a dress watch.

The dial is really what made me contact them. I never have seen so well executed dial on so cheap watch. The dial is white, but sometimes appear a bit creamy, I really like how it changes a little. The hour and minutes markers are stick type in black, The hour markers larger than minutes. On 12 o’clock you will find the Sternglas Zeitmesser logo. The “Zeitmesser” from German means “Chronometer”. On 3 o’clock you will find the date wheel, which is rather small, but easy to read. I actually am that kind of person who likes symmetrical things, so in my opinion, I think the date window would be better at 6 o’clock, it would look a lot better with that. But I like also how it is, it is just my perfectionist inside who tries to get outside 😀 The hour and minutes hands are in stick shape too and they seem to be blues, I don’t know of the hands are blued as they need to be, or they are just painted. any case it really follows the Bauhaus/German/Minimal watch styling.


The movement inside is a 714 Ronda movement, which is a Swiss made quartz workhorse. It is present in many watches and it really does it’s job. There isn’t anything special about it, but I think the best thing of it, is that the battery life is 5 years, and I think if you pull out the crown when you are not wearing it, it will last even longer. The strap for this watch is just out of this world, I’m not kidding, I know that this isn’t any special watch, but damn they outdone themselves and the cheap price they are asking for this watch is just insane comparing it to other these type of watches. So the strap. It is in this light brown colour, but when you bend it, it gets even lighter and in some places even darker. The strap is buttery soft and wraps your wrist really nice out of the box. It does not need the “worn in” period. If they are making these straps, they really need to think about selling them separately so they can be put on other watches too. The strap also has quick release spring bars which are very handy when you want to change straps or clean the residue behind the strap where it meets the case. I will repeat myself, but I think every watch brand needs to put quick release spring bars in their watch straps.

Ok, now you think that I praised this watch and told only positive things because I got to keep it or got paid. No! This watch is really good looking and very well executed. The quality really is up to German standards of watchmaking. I really like the 38mm case, in the past I only wore 42mm and up watches, but this is rally growing on me after the Ginault I start to appreciate the small size watches. And this is no exception! Definitely get one for yourself, because it is a bargain for a watch like this!

Price: 179,00 € @

  • 38mm x 8mm stainless steel case with screwed case back
  • Domed sapphire glass
  • Swiss manufacturer Ronda movement 714-Ronda with date function / mercury-free
  • 3 ATM (bar) waterproof / 30m
  • Oiled calf-leather with quick-release strap
  • RoHS & CE Certified


11 thoughts on “Sternglas Zeitmesser 38mm Brown (Review)

  1. Hi there, love ur reviews.

    I have a question, I already have a brathwait and I love it. But I love the Bauhaus design of this Sternglas, do u think I shud get it?

    Sad that they r not using butterfly deployant clasp though.


    1. Hi Wilson,

      Yeah, definitely go get the Sternglass, they also have versions with black dials too. Get one while you can, because the price is really good for these!


  2. Hi ! Thank you for the review. I am looking for a birthday gift to my husband and this watch seems just perfect. However, what is the shipping time to Latvia and shiping costs? So sad that their homepage is only in German 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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