Lord Timepieces Kingston White (Review)

Yes, another Lord timepiece. Seems that they didn’t read my review of the last timepiece they sent me. But it is now in the top 10 most read articles. It was a really bad watch. The finishing was crap, the movement was Chinese and broke after two months. When I took it to my watchmaker, he said that the movement wasn’t oiled and basically was running dry. And you know what happens to a car when you don’t have oil in the engine? It just stops working and you need to repair it or swap the engine out for a new one.

So, this time they let me choose one. And I chose the most expensive one. The Kingston White. Well, it arrived in a much better box than the last one, that’s for sure. You open the box and here is the watch. The watch is quite big. Diameter is 44m, 14mm thick, but for such a big watch it has a rather small size for the watchband, only 20mm. The case is rather interesting, but when you type automatic watches” in eBay and set price limit to 20$, the same watch, but with Chinese logo shows up in the first 4 pages. So that just shows, what branding and good packaging do to the price. The finishing as with the last one isn’t good at all. The pushers are all scratched, on the edges you can see that plating is kind of dripping and in some areas, it is thinner and in some thicker.

The dial imitates the tourbillion look with that large open hearth. I actually really hate that bridge on the dial, but I chose it because I wanted to look at their most expensive watch. The complications in this watch are actually pretty impressive. It has year, month, day, date. That is quite impressive. The years only go to 2025, but the movement just won’t last so long, if you ask me. If the dial didn’t have the open heart, I think it would look better.

The movement is Chinese as you can guess. It has some decent decoration on the movement, but I think it is the same case as with the Parnis, that the decoration is another layer that is stamped on the movement to look that it is decorated. The movement is really complicated. It is surprising how they managed to get in so many complications for such a cheap price. It is also an automatic movement, so it means it has a rotor, the rotor is super loud, I never had a watch with such loud rotor, it almost feels that it is loose. The strap was black with this alligator pattern. The stitching was quite bad, it almost looks like it was done in rush and they just don’t have time to make quality control.

Overall the watch is a disaster. I feel really bad for those people who buy this watch. The marketing is really good for these watches, but it is all a fake. There are only good reviews online and seems that they are deleting the bad ones. If you want to spend 92€ on a watch, I better suggest you spend it on Seiko 5 or Vostok Amphibia. Those are far better watches with legitimate history to the brand and they both have in-house movements. So please don’t buy this crap, unless you truly don’t care what I wrote in this review and you have too much money and you want to spend it on overpriced badly made Chinese watches. If the watch breaks, I will post the update here with a date, just like last time.

Price: 92€ @ lordtimepieces.com

Spec Details

Size 44mm
Case thickness 14mm
Case colour Silver
Dial colour White
Movement Automatic self-wind
Strap width 20mm
Strap Genuine Leather
Strap colour Black
Water Resistance 3ATM

2 thoughts on “Lord Timepieces Kingston White (Review)

  1. I too, noticed how loud the movement is. I have yet to really wear it much. I must say though, it is a pretty watch. My Kingston white was given to me as a gift. You mentioned it was their most expensive, though. That is not true.


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