TWO-O Rijks Chronograph watch (Review)

Today we are gonna look at a watch that has some interesting mix of wood and stainless steel. We have already looked at similar watches in the past like VEJRHØJ Nautic and Three Ring watch. But they both were a bit pricier than this. So the company that we are taking a look today is TWO-O. They mainly make wooden products like watches, sunglasses, iPhone cases, bowties, caps and even bicycles, longboards, tables etc.  So they really make a lot of things mainly from wood. That really surprised me how wide is their range of products. The creators of the brand are Rodny Heemskerk and Bob Koning and they launched TWO-O in July 2011. They are based in Amsterdam.

TWO-O aims to raise consumer awareness through the development of sustainable products. Their latest collection seeks to inspire like-minded, eco-conscious individuals to make green choices. Coupled with their commitment to craftsmanship, TWO-O is a brand that goes against the grain.”

The watch we are looking at today is the TWO-O Rijks Chronograph. I chose it because it was their most expensive model. But it is still in the very affordable range as this blog is mainly about affordable watches that almost everyone can acquire. Rijks is named after a place in Amsterdam where you can go far back in time through the finest art pieces of the Netherlands: The Rijksmuseum.

So the watch came in this pretty simple box, nothing special I would say. The first impression when I took the watch out of the box was that it is pretty big and very heavy. Not that I don’t like that it is heavy, but I was thinking it won’t have any weight in it. because other brands like these don’t even bother in making the watch feel heavier. Usually, many companies make big watches (44mm and up), stuff very small quartz movements in that big case which weighs nothing buy itself. When you take that watch in your hands, You just feel the cheapness. But this felt like a quality product. The case looks and feels really tough.

The case is made from 316L stainless steel. It is finished in a brushed finish. Looks very raw, but in a good way. The diameter is 44mm, the thickness is 12mm and strangely the lug width is 22mm although on their website it clearly says 20mm. Overall the whole proportions are good and the watch feels very masculine with the size and weight. You would think that it wears a lot smaller due to short lugs, but actually, to me, it felt like it wears even a bit larger than 44mm, probably due to pushers and the crown guard poking out of the case and how that crown is positioned. The case back is a pretty basic screw on one, with engraved specifications and the TWO-O logo which is a saw-blade, hammer and axe. On top of the dial sits a mineral crystal. The bezel of the watch has a wood in it. Particularly walnut. I think it looks really good. I like when the watch is stainless steel mainly but has some wood accents. And it also kind of reminds me Jaguar. My father has owned several vintage ones and it kind of reminds me the old dashboards of Jaguars. I don’t know how the wood will withstand some hard knocks, as the knocks usually tend to leave pretty serious marks. But time will tell. The watch is rated at 5ATM or 50m water resistance, which is decent for hand wash or light rain. It has screw down crown and you would think you could go swimming, but I would not recommend it, because of the pushers, not being screw down.

The dial is in this almost racing green colour and it has this sunburst effect. Hour markers and hands are in silver and the second’s hand is in red. We have two subdial on 12 and 6 and date window on 3. I won’t get into further details about the dial because I want to talk about the design. Because I actually personally don’t like it. I like the design of the case with the walnut bezel, but the dial is what sets me off. It looks strange. It kind of goes with the walnut bezel, but not with the masculine shape of and size of the case. I think they should add in much more colours of the dials or just add one, with black dial. It would look a ton better in my opinion.

The movement inside the watch is Seiko quartz chronograph movement. I don’t know the particular model, but knowing that it is Seiko is plenty enough because Seiko equals quality and reliability. Battery time is about 3 years. The bracelet is mesh. It is actually pretty good. I would even put it on one of my diver watches.

Overall the watch is cool, I really like the bezel. But in my opinion, the dial needs some more designing. I really don’t like how it looks. It kind of cheapens the watch. Of course, there definitely are people who like the dial, but I personally don’t like it. But yeah, the case is very well made and the design of the case is pretty good. The walnut bezel looks good, but as I said you need to watch out from knocking it on something as it may ding the bezel.

Price: 189.95 € @


  • Diameter case: 44 mm
  • Height case: 12 mm
  • Band width: 20 mm
  • Adjustable strap
  • Stainless steel case
  • Waterproof up to 50m (5ATM)
  • Strap made of matt silver mesh
  • Chronographic Quartz Seiko clockwork
  • Dial is dark metallic green with silver accents and red second hand



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