Sternglas Zeitmesser Black Dial (Short look at)

Today we take a look again at the Sternglas Zeitmesser watch, but today we aren’t doing any review or anything like that. I will just post the photos here. This is here so you can take a look at their new option of Zeitmesser with the black dial. Basically, it is the same watch with a different colour dial.

They liked my photos of the white dial version that they sent me the black dial version too 🙂 And thanks to Sarah from their customer service who was very kind and helpful. 🙂

You can read the full review of Sternglas Zeitmesser here:

I also have a special discount code for you (my readers). Use code “ALBERTS” to get 5 euro off any purchase at their site

As you can see it looks the same, only with black dial. The packaging it came is their new packaging, it is a bit different. Also, all Zeitmessers now come with different text on the case back. The Zeitmesser I think still is a best Bauhaus style watch you can get for under 200 euro. And it is made very good, I would even say that it is better than the Junghans Bauhaus watches. The build quality is perfect! The strap again also was super nice, buttery smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear. The Zeitmesser was also photogenic. Yes! I said it! Every picture I made with it, looked good, as you can see downwards. Truly a great watch!


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