Stag Classic watches (Review)

Today we are looking at not one watch, but a whole 2 watches! That is rare on our blog when a company sends in for a review two pretty similar watches. But this way we can see how they look, which is better and how they perform in daily use.

The watch company is called Stag watches and they come from Sweden. The company was founded I think in 2017, so it is a very new company. The founder is Emil Ejderhall. The main mission behind Stag Watches is that they make an elegant, simple timepieces with automatic movement as it’s the main part. I found the company when I watched one other fellow reviewer review these watches and they looked quite interesting. So I wrote them and they kindly sent two pieces in for a review.

So they sent me the black and gold version, both with black dials. The boxes are minimal and I like that they didn’t bother making the watch boxes big and unnecessary like other brands do it. Inside the box, you will find manual, thank you card from the founder and the watch itself. Taking out the watch of the box and you immediately notice the weight of the watch. I thought they would be very light. Thye design at least looks like they could be light. And actually, I needed one day to figure out that they have automatic movements 😀 Usually, mechanical watches I get in for a review have see-through case backs or a seconds hand from which I can tell it is and mechanical timepiece. But this has nothing of that. Actually very strange that they didn’t use seconds hand, as many people buy mechanical watches to see that smooth sweep of the hand. Also right out of the box, I noticed the straps were upside down. The buckle is at the bottom. From what I read on the forums, there are some countries where they put the straps the other way. I actually have seen a couple of companies do that.

The case is made from 316L stainless steel. The diameter is 40mm, It is 12mm thick. From lug tip to lug tip, it measures at 50mm and the lug width is 20mm. The case shape is round with quite thin and long lugs. One of the watches is gold plated and the second one has matte black PVD coating. I like how the cases look and how good they are made. The finishing is really good. The gold version case is in the satin brushed finish and the black one has just the matte finish. In my opinion for an elegant watch, they are a bit too thick. If the case was 42mm the thickness wouldn’t be so noticeable. The case back is stainless steel without any coating. And strangely the gold one had a brushed finishing with a shine and the black one had an almost bead blasted finish in matte for the case back. So that was a bit strange that finishings were different. On 3 o’clock we have a small unsigned crown with polished finishing. On top of the case sits a flat sapphire crystal. The watch is rated at 10ATM is 100m of water resistance. I would never suggest you swim with this watch because it lacks the screw down crown. It can withstand dishwashing or rain, but nothing more.

The dials on these two watches are pretty simple. They are both glossy black, with Roman numerals. The only difference is that the gold version has the Roman numerals and “Automatic” in gold colour. But the black version has them in black. The hands and logo (the deer) are in gold colour. There is no seconds hand as this is kind of a dressy watch, but still, I think that this watch needs the second’s hand, because other than that “automatic” text on the dial and case back, you can’t tell that it is mechanical watch. If one of the main selling points is the movement, they should make it visible! The dial is pretty minimal, and kind of going with that elegant look. I’m not a big fan of the Roman numerals, I think they should also make a version with stick batons.

The movement inside the watch is a Miyota 8247, which is a workhorse movement. It has 21 jewels an power reserve of about 40 hours. Basically, all these affordable Japanese mechanical movements are workhorses. I have had a couple of watches with Miyota mechanical movements and they were going strong. The lack of seconds hand makes it unhackable, which isn’t a big deal for me, but I know many people don’t like that. Also, there is no way I can test the accuracy of the watch. The strap would be the first thing I would swap for a nice suede or maybe some interesting nato. The strap that came with the watch isn’t the best, it is basic black genuine leather with this soft lining inside.

Overall the watch isn’t anything special in my eyes. But they are relatively new brand and if they somehow make the movement visible like adding seconds hand or even see-through case back and added a better strap. The watch would look a ton better. But these are my personal thoughts. The watch isn’t bad, it is well built, I just don’t like the looks and that you can’t really notice the automatic movement.

Price: 261.00 @

– Case: Stainless steel plated in gold
– Glass: Sapphire
– Strap: Genuine Leather
– Movement: Automatic
– Waterproof: 10ATM

– Diameter: 40 mm
– Thickness: 12 mm
– Strap width: 20 mm



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