Watchygo Bel Air silver 36mm ceramic (Review)

Whet it comes to ceramics case material there are only a couple of watches coming in mind like Rado, one of the pioneers in making cases from ceramic. Ceramics are possibly the least understood of the materials used in watches. Many watchmakers are nowadays using ceramics for their watch cases – which gained popularity with Rado. Now Chanel, Hublot, Omega, IWC, and now the material is being used also in fashion watches, some even cost 100$.

Ceramics are essentially inorganic solids (organic ones are polymers) that are also not metals. So in addition to what is usually thought as “ceramics”, glass, diamond and graphite are classified as ceramics. For example, the sapphire used as watch crystals is also a ceramic. Ceramic has many advantages over stainless steel. It is 4 times stronger than stainless steel and it is really hard to scratch this material as it is one of the strongest materials. Also, ceramics are much lighter than stainless steel and even titanium. But there are drawbacks too. It is strong, but only when it comes under compression. So that means if you bang the watch hard or drop it on concrete it has high chance to shatter. So be careful when wearing your ceramic case watch.

So why are we talking about ceramic? Well, we have a watch here that has a ceramic case. The watch we are taking a look at is basically a fashion watch for ladies. I know that this isn’t my usual stuff I write about, but I have many woman readers that requested more feminine watches. So the watch we are gonna take a look at today comes from a company called Watchygo and the model is called Bel-air silver 36mm. The company Watchygo from what I see was founded in late 2017. They are based in Sweden. They have only one model called Bel Air which is only ladies watch and it is available only in one size 36mm and with two dial colours: silver and gold.

The watch came in a small white box with this pearl glow, just like the ceramic case on the watch. You pull the tab by the side and here we are presented with the watch. Inside you will find manual, warranty and surprisingly a strap changing tool which is pretty decent. The first impressions were good, maybe it isn’t my cup of tea, but I chose this watch because I really wanted to check out the ceramic case on this one, as I have held in my hands Omega Speedmaster with the black ceramic case and wanted to see if the price makes a difference on how the material feels and performs. And I got to say, it is done really nicely.

The case is made from white ceramic, it has this pearl glow in light and looks very cool. The diameter of the case is 36mm, the thickness is 9,3mm, lug tip to lug tip is 41,9mm and lug width is 18mm. Overall the watch has a perfect size for women and to wear it daily. The watch is pretty light, but not so much to feel cheap. In the hands, it feels very “luxurious” (I know, this term is kind of…funny, but I could find any other word how to describe it 😀 ). The case back is made from stainless steel and is held on with four little screws. At 3 o’clock we have a polished stainless steel crown which is a push/pull one. The crown has an onion shape and sticks out of the case quite a bit. But this makes pulling the crown out and setting time very easy. The watch is rated at 3ATM (30m) of water resistance so only light rain or splashes.

The dial is silver sunburst and had very deep silver colour to it. I really like sunburst dials, but in this case, I kind of don’t like how it looks with white. Around the dial goes the printed second’s track with numbers every 5 minutes. There are also applied hour markers which are in a square shape with polished sides. The polished hour and minute hands are a square shape. The second’s hand is just a regular stick hand also with polished finishing. At 12 o’clock we have the Watchygo logo which I think could be a bit smaller. On top of the dial sits a flat mineral crystal.

The movement inside is just a regular Miyota Japanese quartz. These movements as we know are true quartz workhorses and will be more precise than any mechanical watch. The battery life is around 2-2,5 years. The strap that came with the watch was a white genuine leather strap with alligator pattern embossed in the leather. I don’t like when watch companies do this, as this makes it look cheap. The strap was pretty stiff and the leather wasn’t soft at all. The buckle was a regular tang style.

The Watchygo Bel Air overall isn’t something that I would consider buying for my girlfriend as there are much prettier watches out there. I only picked this one as I just wanted to take a look at the ceramic case. I think if the dial was made entirely different and the strap would be any other colour and without the alligator pattern. It would look a ton better. But I know that there are women who like the looks of this watch. 5 out of 10 chose this watch. The other 5 women wanted something classic looking. Would I recommend this? Well… no, there are a lot better options and if you want the ceramic case, there are also cheaper and more better looking options also.

Price: 169 @

Case material – White high tech ceramic
Movement – Miyota Japanese quartz
Case size – 36 mm
Case thickness – 8 mm
Strap – 100% genuine leather, white croc pattern
Strap width – 18 mm
Water resistance – 3 atm
Glass – Coated mineral crystal

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