Berg Ulriken (Review) + Salmon leather straps

When it comes to minimal fashion watches, usually I’m not so interested in them, but when these companies do something interesting, I’m in. And and this time we will look at the Berg Ulriken watch, but in my opinion, the most interesting part is that salmon leather strap they offer with the watch and they sent me a whole two straps to check out.

Three Norwegian guys with a mission of creating the ultimate minimalist watch: Richard Safin, Paal Friele Grung and Morten Friele Grung. Together they made a brand called BergBerg means mountain in Norwegian and at the back of the watch case is mount Ulriken engraved. Ulriken is the highest out of the seven mountains surrounding the beautiful city of Bergen which is also known as “the gateway to the fjords”.

The watch strangely arrived is a very small box, VERY SMALL box. Only the watch face fits in it, the strap came separately. I don’t know why they do this, maybe to save on packaging or maybe saving the planet with less packaging. Any case I think it cheapens the whole buying experience in my opinion. So the first impression were mixed, I don’t like the styling, as it copies mostly 90% of the brands that already make these design like Daniel Wellington and many others. But there are some positive things too like the Swiss made quartz, sapphire crystal and the 5-year warranty. The most impressive thing was the straps, in my opinion, those were the ones I wanted to look into more than everything. And damn they look good and almost giving that exotic leather vibe, despite it being made of a fish skin.

So the case is made of 316 stainless steel. The whole case is finished with high polishing. The polishing is done quite good and the case is well made, can’t see any defects or imperfections like on other these kind of watches. The diameter is 40mm, the watch is pretty slim at 6mm. So the watch wears pretty well on both men and women’s wrist. The size and small weight make the watch very usable every day. Also, it is very comfortable on the wrist. That is possibly the main reason why most of the people choose these type of watches for their everyday timepiece, as the “proper” watches usually tend to be much thicker and heavier. Of course, if you are not talking about 1-10k $ watches, then, of course, you can find a pretty slim and comfortable everyday watch with a mechanical movement. On the right side, you will find a small push/pull crown that is easy to operate. The case back is held on with four small screws. On the case back you will find some specifications, name of the watch and a view of the Ulriken mountain engraved on it. The water resistance is 50m (5ATM)

The dial is very simple. It is white with silver, polished applied hour markers. The 12 and 6 are in Roman numerals, the other ones are just simple straight lines. At 4 you will find a date window. The dauphine hour and minute hands are also in silver and polished. And at 12 you will find the Berg logo. The dial very readable, you just can look at your wrist and read the time instantly so that is a plus if your life is in hurry. On the top of the dial sits a sapphire crystal.

Inside the watch, you will find a Swiss made Ronda 704 quartz movement. Nothing much to say here as it is pretty reliable work machine. The battery life on these is usually from 2-3 years. But now we come to the most interesting part, the leather straps. And they sent me a whole two straps. One brown and one grey. Everything looks pretty basic, they have the stainless steel tang buckle with polished finishing. They both have the quick release spring bars, genuine leather underlinings. But the thing that makes them special is the leather they use on top of them. As you can see from the pattern on the leather, it kind of reminds a fish, and yes, you already know that it is made of Salmon skin. At first, when I saw this, I thought it was just a way to press in a pattern so the regular leather looks like a fish skin, but then I started reading and discovered it is a real Salmon leather strap.

The Berg watch straps are made out of salmon leather from Icelandic tannery, Atlantic Leather which was ranked the number one tannery in Europe in 2016. The salmon skin is 10 times stronger than regular leather and therefore will be more durable. During World War II it was common in Norway to use salmon leather for shoes as it was so strong and durable. The idea of using salmon leather came from Eva Grung, the grandmother of one of the founders. The straps come in a wide range of colours so that you are sure to find your favourite. I highly suggest you to buy straps from them as so far these are the most unique I’ve seen and they feel great on the wrist too, the leather is much softer and to touch they remind me suede straps, but much much softer.

Overall the most favourite thing was the straps. But if we talk about the watch, it just isn’t my cup of tea, but I surely can suggest you the watch as it has a sapphire glass, Swiss made movement, 5-year warranty and of course the salmon leather strap. Overall it is a nice package for a guy or a girl who wants’s a simple watch that can be used every day.

Price: $250 @



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