Forest Time Co. North (Short Review)

Today we continue the very affordable watch segment with watches for less than 100$. Today we are gonna take a look at a watch from a new company called Forest Time Company. Right now they have only one watch called North and it comes in four colour variations: Copper & White, Black Anodized, Stainless steel & White and the one we have in for a review Copper & Green. Somehow I stumbled across this company by true accident on Instagram and I liked how they looked and the price is pretty good too.

The watch came in a rectangular box, nothing special. Inside the box, you will find the instructions and the watch. The first impressions were that it is very little. I don’t know if they market it as women’s watch or men’s watch or unisex. For me 36mm is a bit too small, it looks like 34mm watch especially with that round lugless case. Nonetheless, it looks like a well-built watch with a cool design. I really like these lugless case designs.

The case of the North is made of stainless steel. The machine work seems to be good. The case has this copper colour plating on the case. The plating has some problems as in some spots it is darker and in some, it is lighter so it looks like it isn’t applied the right way. The whole watch case is finished in satin brushed finish, except the polished crown. The case diameter is 36mm and the thickness is 10mm. The case has an interesting detail that I have never seen on a watch, the crystal is deeper inside the case, so you have a little edge around the bezel which is over the crystal. At 3 o’clock we have a small push-pull crown. The solid case back is held on with four little screws. On the case back, we have the Forest Time logo an a couple of specifications engraved on. The water resistance is 3ATM so don’t get it wet on any occasion. On top, we have a flat mineral crystal.

The dial is in deep sunray green colour and works very well with the copper coloured case of the North. Around the dial, we have a minute track with applied polished hour markers. At 12 o’clock we have a Forest logo in the same copper colour as the case. The copper coloured hour and minute hands have polished finishing. The minute hand has the Forest Time company logo as a counterweight which is a pretty cool design feature. The dial is kept very minimal so it makes it very legible and easy to read time.

The movement inside the watch is unknown as they don’t state what is inside the North watch. But I would guess it is one of Japan made quartz movements from Miyota. The watch came with an interesting choice of strap style. They choose the two piece zulu style strap. The strap is made of brown leather and is very supple so it will wear really good on your wrist. The underlining is very soft. Lug width for this watch is 18mm so finding another strap will be no problem.

Overall the watch has some problems, but I think for women or a child it is perfect as a first watch. Yes, you can buy something vintage for that money or Seiko 5 or maybe even Timex, but this will be more unique, I can be sure that you won’t meet another person with this watch on your wrist. Only thing I can suggest them give attention more is how the copper plating is applied, otherwise, the watch is well made.

Price: €79.60 EUR €49.75 EUR @

• 36mm Diameter
• 10mm Thickness
• Stainless Steel Case with Brushed Finish
• 3ATM Water Resistance
• Genuine Leather Wristband


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