I will be back soon!

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t written a single article for the past 2 months. Well…. thats due to my medical problems after a pretty nasty bike crash, but I will be back at my desk writing about these exciting affordable watches in 1-2 months, so stay tuned! Merry Christmas! Happy new year! And stay safe ✌🏻

P.S. Meanwhile you can post in the comments here,or send me an email/PM on Instagram about what watches do you want me to write!

4 thoughts on “I will be back soon!

  1. So sad to read about your accident! I was indeed wondering why there was no activity, as I do enjoy reading your in-depth reviews and unique perspective. Bought my ST19 redstar because of your review, wearing it now – it’s a joy.

    Get well soon, we are missing you.

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