OVI watch (Short review)

In January of 2016 we looked at a wooden watch indiegogo campaign. They are three guys from my homeland: Latvia! They make wooden watches called OVi Watch.

So today we are taking a look at OVi Watch. They launched on Indiegogo in January. They didn’t got they’re goal, but they got 4 655$ from their 12 000$ stretch goal! Propably that’s because of the market right now, no one actually want’s another wooden watch or another DW look a like which we usually get it crowdfunding sites. But this watch is a bit better, as they use swiss movement- Quartz Ronda, caliber 762 3H which is commonly used because of it’s reliability. The sapphire glass is also a great addition, as it is better than mineral glass.

When I received the watch. The idea with the wooden box was great, but from design standpoint I don’t get why the whole box isn’t from wood. Because the lid is from cardboard. I think it would make more sence. But ok, we’re here about the watch.

I took the watch out of the box, there’s always that excitement of getting new watch, no matther how much it costs. This model is called “Prunus”. The case and dial is made from nuttree. The machine work isn’t the best. I understand that it’s wood, and making small details from it is hard. There are some chipped off wood from the back of case, so how will that impact the water resistance, I wouldn’t risk it. Also under the sapphire crystal there are some leftover wood dust from sanding or machine work. Other than that watch is great. I couldn’t find any other cons. The strap closing mechanism is interesting, there isn’t any buckle. There is this “button” which you insert in the other half of the strap.

Overall, you get good materials (swiss ronda quartz, sapphire glass, nuttree case, genuine leather strap), but the product needs more assembly quality. But don’t get me wrong, you should buy the watch, because for each watch you buy, they will plant a new tree. So it’s a win win. Hopefully they will make the cons in to pro’s so good luck to OVi watch team 🙂

Price – €119 @ www.oviwatch.com

Prunus is crafted from natural nuttree wood, which we have combined with Swiss made movement and sapphire crystal glass.

  • Hand crafted from natural nuttree
  • Swiss made movement: Ronda, caliber 763 3H
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Pure vegetbale tanned leather strap. Strap is burnished, dyed and waxed by hand.


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