Ginault Ocean Rover 181070GLSN 3 month ownership update

I was really thinking about writing this, as there are many ownership update videos and reviews, but I just wanted to do an update because a lot of things have happened with me and this watch.

Seems that Ginault is still very discussed watch company in watchuseek forums and there are more and more people who are not liking the watches because many claims it is a first legit work from the infamous replica watch maker TC Caddell. Some don’t like the price or that it’s homage. There is a lot of haters, but there are also a lot of people who just love Ginault watches. I think that the Ginault is making quality watches that turned around the micro brand/homage market. I think they really have future and the first Ocean Rovers I think will be very desirable in the future. Also, the Ocean Rover is holding its value. I see many of them going on eBay for 1,150.00$ easily, I saw even one go for 1,200.00$ without the bracelet on a leather strap. Since I got mine there have been a couple of new models. Ocean Rover 181270GSLID with date and blue bezel with gold indexes, Ocean Rover 181270GSLN with date and also there is a version with lume that is in white colour, that doesn’t have the gold sand lume.

So let’s start with the negatives that I found to this watch. First of all the clasp, the clasp mechanism where it locks in the first place is starting to get loose. It kind of snaps in place, but very lightly. But that I guess happens to every clasp, because the metal is wearing off due time. The second thing is that the clasp scratches the bracelet a lot. The lock mechanism and clasp itself scratch the bracelet a lot. But the scratches can be easily removed with green Scotch-Brite. It shouldn’t be this way because with a Rolex bracelet and clasp it never happens. The polished sides, of course, get scratched, but I would not consider it a negative thing, as it is expected with polished steel. Otherwise, there isn’t anything else that bothers me. The movement is going strong. Only +1 to +2 seconds a day.

The watch has been through a lot. I went swimming with it in the sea. When I got it, I was wearing it straight for one month, and after that, it had a lot of scratches. It even was fully submerged in mud one time. In my opinion, you need to wear this watch and wear it hard. Rolex made their Submariner a tool watch, Ginault is making a homage that is a tool watch too. So just wear it, don’t get sad about scratches, don’t polish them out, give the watch a character. It should look used. It’s a tool! The other day I was watching a video from Random Rob where he took a look at Tudor North Flag, and the owner of that watch, was wearing it hard, it had scratches all over the case, bracelet and clasp. And it looked amazing! My Ocean Rover has also seen a lot of straps, but I always return it to the bracelet. This and the Seiko Orange Monster are the only watches I leave on bracelets. I even ordered a stingray strap in a really nice cream colour, but that didn’t stay long on it.

I think if Ginault could make the clasp mechanism a little better in a way it doesn’t dig in that much in the bracelet. I would swap the bracelets and wear this watch till I need to pass it down to my son/daughter. The quality is there and the history making is in baby steps and after some time the brand will get the appreciation what it deserves!

Full review of this watch you can read here:


5 thoughts on “Ginault Ocean Rover 181070GLSN 3 month ownership update

  1. So after only 3 months the metal on the clasp was wearing down? How are you supposed fix that?! Send it to a jeweler to add metal? Replace the bracelet? These watches look beautiful, but with all of the engineering that went into copying and machining a Rolex-like bracelet, you’d think this would be a fatal design defect that they would have discovered before going to market. Does anyone know if they have corrected this design error . . if that, in fact, is what it is. Otherwise, seems like a great watch though given that they are pretty much a crypto-company (not clear who or how big they are) customer support seems to be an unknown quantity and, therefore, the price may be questionable. But I have read a lot of positive reviews, so they are clearly doing something right.


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