LAPS MAI 68 watch (Review)

Today we are gonna take a look at another fashion watch brand. But this one is really interesting, at last to me it is interesting. The watch we are looking today comes from a company called LAPS. They have a small workshop in Paris (France) where they hand assemble each watch and give it a personal touch. All the watches are one in limited editions. Main selling point is the dials. They have several different dials, starting from the colour, printing on the dial or dial material. They have many cool dial designs like for example the watch we are taking a look today has a poster from 1968 printed on the dial, there are materials like wood, tobacco leaves and even leather for dials. Also, each watch is limited edition and they all come numbered.

The watch that we are looking at today is LAPS MAI 68. It comes in this nice small cardboard box. You open the box and you are greeted with the watch, strap and some documentation (warranty, instructions and which LE number you have). I like how simple is the packaging and it matches with my photography background.

So the case is a square shape. I rarely review square watches, as not many companies do them because it is much cheaper to make classic round shape. The case is made of stainless steel. It has gold plating on the case which is done quite good, at least I don’t see any mistakes or impurities in plating. These watches come in two sizes 30mm and 26mm. And this time I chose the smaller size and I got to say, it works even on my big wrist. But the main reason, because I chose this smaller size, is that I don’t do reviews of more feminine watches. The length of the case is 35mm, 26mm wide and 7,6mm thick. The lug width is 18mm. The watch is small, but due to the square shape, it wears a bit bigger than it seems on paper. And it is very comfortable on the wrist as it is really light and slim. On 3 o’clock we have a small, signed crown which is quite easy to operate, despite the size. The case back is stainless steel and it is snap-on style case back. On the case back you have some writings, nothing special. On top of the dial sits a mineral crystal. Water resistance is 3ATM which will be ok for light rain or some splashes.

The dial is inspired by the poster which is called “La Beauté est Dans la Rue”. It proclaims the iconic poster of the May 1968 student uprisings in Paris – “the beauty is in the street”. It was one of many protest slogans, which,  accompanied by the largest general strike in France’s history, nearly toppled the De Gaulle Government. It really goes with the theme of the watches as they are designed and assembled in France/Paris. I chose this dial design because I like the message that the watch gives and also that small orange lollypop shape seconds hand.

Inside the Laps you will get a decent Miyota Japan-made quartz movement. You can probably find this movement in almost every fashion watch out there because it is reliable and Japan is always at top of the quartz game! The strap that came with the watch was a bright orange nylon perlon strap. I rarely see perlon straps to come from the factory with the watch. The strap quality is really good and I always liked perlon straps for how comfortable they feel in the wrist for an everyday watch. Also, your wrist breads and it doesn’t sweat like it would with a leather strap. I don’t use perlon straps for my watches at all, as I have only 2 or 3 watches that would suit them, as most of the watches I have are divers or sports watches. But now I started to look into them because of this watch.

Overall this watch is quite interesting. I like that they have really cool dials, that are handmade by them in Paris, so every watch get’s a personal touch. And the price is pretty good for a hand-assembled watch in limited edition. Of course, this isn’t a watch that real watch people would appreciate, this is more like a fashion watch. But even me, who dislikes fashion watches likes this watch because it is something unique from the very overpriced and dull looking Daniel Wellington style watches.

Price: 120€ @

  • Movement: Miyota Quartz
  • Glass: Mineral
  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 35X26X8mm
  • Water Resistance: 3ATM
  • Watch Band: Braided Nylon

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