Maven Artisan 40mm Smoke Green (Review)

I’m back with another watch review. And this time we are gonna look at Maven watches. This modern, minimalistic watch brand caught my eye on Indiegogo last year. Maven is a Hong Kong based watch company. They first started out on Indiegogo in March 2017 with a funding target of around $12,000, but they surpassed their goal and raised $20,867 with 163 backers. Now they have their own online store, where you can buy the MAVEN Watches directly. They have two styles of watches. The “Enduring” and “Artisan“. They both come in 40mm and 34mm. Enduring has the same case shape but has stone dials. The Artisan is what we are looking at today. It has this cool dial, which is minimal but just in the right way. And I like the Smoke Green colour. Artisan comes in many dial, case and strap variations so you really can find a perfect design for your taste.

So after seeing the Indiegogo campaign, I reached out to them to lend me a watch in for a review. So the watch we are taking a look today is Maven Artisan 40mm Smoky Green. The watch came in a regular rectangular cardboard box, nothing special. Inside you have the watch and some paperwork. First impressions were good, I liked the dial design and I like that the watch looks just like in the photos. Many companies do the photography on their websites in a way that watches in life look completely different. But here it looks just like on the website. The one drawback that I immediately noticed was the strap. It is just too thick and far from soft and probably will take a lot of time to break in.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel. The watch case is round with no lugs, or you can call them hidden lugs. The case has brushed satin finish which is done very good. The diameter of the case is 40mm, the thickness is 10mm, lug width is 20mm. At 3 o’clock we have a small unsigned crown which is polished and easy to operate due to its small size. The watch wears very well, I like these style of cases because you can wear a watch with this case with a diameter of 45mm easy and it will feel and look like 41mm. Also if you change a strap for some slimmer one, the watch will wear closer to the wrist due to hidden lugs. I also like that 40mm size because this makes it a unisex watch and also due to small lugs it even wears smaller, more like 38mm. The bezel has a slanted edge and it makes the watch more scratch resistant and protects the watch from bumps and abrasions. The case back is a screw in with engraved logo and some specifications. Also, they specially engraved my surname, which is pretty cool touch 😀 I don’t know if they will offer an option to do engrave your watch too as I  don’t see this option on their site. The watch is rated at 3ATM (30m) of water resistance. So I would not recommend to go swimming or do any water-related activities.

The dial as the watch name suggests is in this smoky green colour which almost looks grey. I like how it looks. All the markers are printed on the dial and are in white colour. The outer numbers are minute markers, then goes the minute track and the hour markers. At 12 o’clock we have the Maven logo. The hour and minute hands are in rectangular shape and in white colour. I like how simple, yet busy this dial looks. It is also easy to read time. On top of the dial sits a sapphire crystal.

The movement inside is a Swiss Ronda 762 quartz movement. Which is a pretty good quartz movement. You can’t go wrong with Swiss quartz, especially with Ronda ones. They are pretty much everywhere, as they have proven the quality and reliability over the years. The strap that came with the watch is not so good and the rest of the watch. I read a couple of reviews where they said the strap is soft and wraps your wrist nicely. I wouldn’t say that. The strap that came with the watch is very thick 3.4mm and is far from soft. It is very hard to bend the strap and hard to put on the wrist. Of course, after 10-12 days it wears in. The buckle is signed and is a regular tang style one with brushed finishing. The strap comes with quick release spring bars, which is probably the only positive thing about this strap. I didn’t wear it on the original strap as it was way too thick and not so comfortable to wear. I changed the strap for a thin one and with much softer leather.

Overall I like the Artisan watch. I like the minimalistic looks, dial and that it has no lugs. Of course, this is a fashion watch and not a proper watch. But I don’t care, sometimes I like to wear these fashion watches, as I’m young and there are days that I don’t want my classic design watches on my wrist. My girlfriend is already loving it and it is getting a lot of wrist time on her wrist 😀 But yeah, you get stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, Swiss made movement and nice design, it is pretty solid watch if you ask me, far more interesting, superior and cheaper than Michael Kors or Daniel Wellington watch.

Price: $168.00 @



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