Daines & Hathaway Brooklyn Chestnut Brown Leather Watch Roll (Review)

Today we are gonna take a look at watch roll/travel case for your watches. I actually never liked watch rolls or any style of travel cases. They are handy and practical in a way, but something just doesn’t appeal me to them. I don’t know, I just didn’t like them, until now. This watch roll changed everything for me. So let’s dive in and see what’s the fuss about.

I contacted Pittards.com leather goods shop from England who carries the Daines & Hathaway watch rolls and they kindly sent me one for review. You actually got to check them out, they have a lot of amazing quality leather goods, all handmade in England.

The company that makes these watch rolls are called Daines & Hathaway. They have been making its range of English fine leather goods for almost 100 years. Established in 1922. They make a wide range of exceptional men’s products including wallets, hip flasks, travel accessories, bags, document cases etc. And all their products are handmade in England. Of course, they are not cheap, but that is what you pay for a handmade product with exceptional quality. On some forums, I actually read that many gentlemen think that they are the best leather goods maker in England right now and they have a big following too.

They sent me the Brooklyn series watch roll in chestnut brown, in my opinion, it is the best looking one from their whole line up. There are also black and darker brown and also camo series too. The watch roll comes in this big black cardboard box, inside there is packing paper and there you are presented with black pouch, and inside the pouch, you will find the watch roll and damn. The whole box had this nice leather scent to it. When I first took the watch roll in my hands I was blown away by how soft the leather feels. It had this buttery smooth surface, I never held leather product this good in my life.

The leather is in this chestnut brown colour. it is called the “Brooklyn Leather” site says it is “soft, ‘pull up’ leather with an oiled finish which provides a gently pre-worn look.”. The width is 205mm, the diameter is 77mm. The stitching is very good, I can’t see any loose threads or poorly finished edges at all. The roll closes with a small belt and brass buckle. The buckle is pretty easy to undone and close. Although I want to see how the little belt will hold up after some years of use, as I think it could stretch and worn out. Right just under the buckle you will find an embossed Daines & Hathaway logo. I’m looking forward to seeing how the leather on the roll will age. As I think after 2 years it will look amazing.

So the watch roll carries max 3 watches in small to mid-size (to 42mm) or 2 big watches (45mm +) with maybe some bracelets or something. The pouch that holds the watches in place is very soft and overall the lining inside is soft too. It is this creamy white, almost suede-like material. So you don’t have to worry about scratching your watches at all. When watches are inside and the watch roll is closed I tried to wiggle it around and see if the watches inside will move or something, but nothing happened. The top pressure when the roll is closed holds the watches in place pretty securely.

So how do you take care of the leather? Well, I on the site it said that you just clean it with a damp cloth and then leave it to dry. But I usually like to protect my leather wallets and stuff from water and so I use bee wax based leather protector. Just rub the roll once a month with the bee was based leather protector and it will be protected from the water.

Overall I really like the watch roll. In the past, I didn’t like them, but I probably wasn’t looking the right way. Of course, at around ~250$ (£175) it is a bit pricey for some. But damn, it is worth it. You get super nice, soft leather, handmade in England and nice classy looks. I will use this for one year and after a year I will do a “one year review” to see how it is holding on.

Price: ~250$ (£175) @ pittards.com

  • Brooklyn Leather – A soft, ‘pull up’ leather with an oiled finish which provides a gently pre-worn look
  • Suede lining
  • Brass buckle fastening
  • Width: 205mm Diameter: 77mm
  • Made in England

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