SweetV watch box (Review)

Rarely I take look at watch boxes, but this time I couldn’t refuse because the price for this box is ridiculous for what it is. Today we are gonna talk about the SweetV watch box with 6 slots and in carbon fibre pattern. They have 6 different styles. There are watch boxes with 6 slots and different styles and also 12 slot boxes in different styles. You can buy them all only on Amazon here.

The watch box came in a cardboard outer box. Inside you will find only a box, no warranty. The first impressions when I took it hands, I was very impressed, I was thinking that it will have lower quality, but surprisingly it was amazingly well made and finished. The carbon fibre pattern is pretty smooth, the material is something between leather and plastic. On the top of the box, you have display window to see the watches inside. The hinges are pretty strong so after many years of use the box will be still sturdy and won’t fall apart like the ones you can find on eBay for the same price. The lock on the box is pretty simple, you just pull it up and use as the handle to lift up the lid. Each slot of the box will fit almost any watch up to 60mm so it can be used for almost any watch collections. The pillows are big and soft, but they are also the only problem with the box. The pillows can’t be sized for shorter bracelets, so, for example, you have a smaller wrist than me, you won’t be able to put on the watch on the pillow.

Overall the box is pretty good looking, nice quality and sturdy too. The box actually made me sell a couple of watches, now I have 32 watches in my collection and in the future I think I would like to make my collection a lot smaller, for example, 6 watches. But as I’m pretty young, I sell and buy pretty often and don’t want Rolex or any high-end watch at this moment of my life, I just want to experience microbrands more. Anycase, if you want 6 slot watch box that costs the same as cheap eBay boxes from China, then this box is for you! Of course, you can’t compare it to Wolf boxes or any other famous watch box maker, but for a guy who doesn’t want to spend a lot on watch storage boxes.

Price: 27.99$ @ amazon.com


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