Sternglas will discontinue their whole collection! Whats next?

When it comes to Bauhaus watches, we usually think of Nomos or Junghans, but I first think about Sternglas as they are my favourite company! You get a really nice design and built quality for a very low price. But now the news came that they are discontinuing their whole collection, because of some legal issues and as they are a small company, they didn’t want to go into a lawsuit and all that stuff. Here is the official statement on their website by their founder Dustin Fountaine:

The reason for that is related to legal nature issues and could have led to a long lasting lawsuit with one of our competitors. A lawsuit a young watch start up (we are a small team of eight) can not afford and does not want either.

So that means that they are going to sell out their old stock of watches and for a lower price. So if I was you (reader), I would get on their page and get one as the prices are really good, and if you use discount code “Kaminsky25” you get 25euros off any purchase! So hurry up, some versions are already sold out. The Zeitmesser (quartz) is going for 149€ to 179€ and the Automatik is going for 279€ (previously 349€). If I was you I would get the Automatik, as it is a solid dress watch. It is 38mm in diameter, has a sapphire glass on the front and back, nice design, Japan made Miyota automatic movement and a very nice leather strap. The watch also comes with a very handy travel pouch, and what I like about the pouch is that inside there you will find a hard card on which you can put on a watch with a bracelet so it would scratch, I know that many companies don’t put that inside, but Sternglas did. Here are some pictures of the watch I mentioned:

So what will Sternglas do in the future? Well, they have a lot of stuff coming! And you better be excited! They will have new, a long waited women’s watch, an affordable quartz watch and two new automatic movement models! Here is the full statement by Dustin:

There are going to be some major changes within the next upcoming weeks and months here at STERNGLAS. Firstly, we are going to introduce a couple of new STERNGLAS models in the beginning of October this year in Hamburg. How the designs will look like in detail is still a secret. But without giving too much away, it can be said you can expect an affordable Quarz model, an awaited ladies model and two exciting Automatic models. Secondly, we are going to stop the production of our old STERNGLAS models completely. That means that we are no longer selling our old design by the end of August.

This is why we are going this step forward, to be able to move on with producing and offering you our affordable Bauhaus timepieces. However, we see this step as a big chance, opportunity and motivation for us. Because: We still want to show you that we can make Bauhaus watches. Plus, we still want to prove that good design and watches in good quality do not have to be expensive at all. As a little reminder: this used to be the principles of Bauhaus anyway: Good and useful design – affordable for everyone.

As Dustin mentioned there will be an event in Hamburg this year in October and I will be attending this event and will give full photo coverage and a couple of articles too! If you want to see more of that event and other watch related stuff, be sure to follow me on Instagram @albertkaminsky and check my stories in October.

2 thoughts on “Sternglas will discontinue their whole collection! Whats next?

  1. Sad to hear that. I had been googling for a while and seen their many watches which are not on site now. And thought why they stopped producing them…now I know why.

    I am owner of their quartz Naos watch and quite happy with it. Of course, they have done right that not started to sue because they are small company. But I don’t thing that at least Nomos is an owner of that design or even historical assignee. At least I’ve seen the same watches in Stowa and Nomos, but last one is relatively young company.

    But agree some previous Sternglass watches were king of copy of Nomos.

    Again details matter but some Junghans watches have general design and yes, they look very similar to which you own and described here. But is this particular copy of Junghans? I am not sure.


    1. Yup, Nomos is a copy of early Stowa and Lange watches from 30s (you can read my review of the Nomos and the brand history and there is an old photos of Lange, Stowa)


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