Edvard Erikson E2 Rose Gold (Review)

When it comes to Richard Mille watches, I didn’t like them from the start, but after some time I started liking them, and when I saw one in real life, I fell in love with the case style and overall look, but the prices are very big, and never in my life I would spend so much for one. So I was looking for a homage that doesn’t cost that much but has the same looks and I stumbled upon Edward Erikson watch company which comes from Sweden and makes homages to those watches, but with some of their own design details. And so I wrote to them if they can send one in for a review.

There are two versions of the watch in their collection, the E1, and the E2. The difference between those two is the size. The E1 is 40mm x 32,5mm x 11mm and the E2 is 52mm x 42mm x 11,5mm. I guess the smaller size is for a girl, but I think it also works for a smaller wrist, I actually wish I chose the E1 as the E2 which I have here is a bit on the bigger side, but still it wears very well! They all come in steel, black, yellow gold and rose gold colors. The one we have here is in Rose gold color. The E1 costs 237,35 EUR and the E2 costs 256.38 EUR, not a big difference in price if you ask me.

So the E2 came in a nice cardboard box with Edvard Erikson logo on top and inside. Inside the box, you will get the watch and instructions manual with warranty. The first impressions on the watch were great. I really saw a lot of similarities with the Richard Mille, but it also had some different design cues from Edvard Erikson themselves. I also really like the curved case as it makes a ton of difference when the watch is on your wrist. It just makes the wearing experience super comfortable. As big as it is, it wears just like my 40mm Ginault Ocean Rover when it comes to comfortability.

The case of the E2 is made of 316L stainless steel. the machine work is exceptional, I really wasn’t expecting much at this price. The case of this watch goes into the category of rectangular watches, but the sides of the case are bubbled. So basically it is a throwback to the Richard Mille cases. The case has a rose gold IP plating on it and from the looks, it is applied very well. It also looks like it won’t scratch off that easily if you take care of your timepiece. The finishing all over the watch is brushed. On the top part and the side, you will find all these screws, some of them look like they are only for looks, but some are holding the integrated rubber strap in place. I wish the aligned the screws a little bit better. It isn’t a big problem, but I just have that small OCD that everything needs to align. At 3 o’clock we have a nice push-pull crown with a red cabochon. The crown is very easy to grab and operate. The solid case back is held on with four small screws and is kept minimal. On the case back you will find engraved Edvard Erikson and they’re logo, also there you will find some specifications. On the top of the case sits a mineral crystal, it is actually shaming that they didn’t go with the sapphire, but I guess to that unique shape it was expensive to manufacture and they wanted to keep the watch affordable. The water resistance is 5ATM (50m).

The dial is kept to that minimal style that most of the watches have that come from Sweden. Around the dial, we have a nice deep rehaut in matte black that gives a nice depth to the dial. The dial is matte black with nice applied dark, polished hour markers. The printed minute track also goes around the dial, but you can only see it from some angles. We have the Edvard Erikson logo on top and the name on the bottom of the dial in rose gold color. The logo is actually very appealing and doesn’t look cheap. The index hour and minute hands are also in rose gold color and polished. The stick-shaped second’s hand is also in rose gold and polished. Overall the dial is kept minimal and elegant, I guess they went for the elegant look, rather than that crazy look that some Richard Mille watches have. The plus to this minimal dial design is that you can read time very easy, without spending half a minute to find the hands.

The movement that is inside the E2 is kept very affordable. They chose Japan made Miyota quartz movement. They are pretty solid movements. The pros of having a quartz movement are that it will be much more precise than any automatic movement, the service is cheap because you need to change only the battery and of course it is more shock resistant. The battery life is 2-3 years.

The strap that came with the watch is really nice integrated silicone strap. The strap color is black and it is made from a very soft silicone. Of course, the integrated strap system is very limited when it comes to strap changes. Because if you want a new strap that isn’t black, you will need to order one from a strap maker and send in the watch so he can make it. But the one that comes on the E2 is pretty good enough. It is very supple and wraps your wrist nicely. The curved case with the soft silicone strap is a perfect combo for a very good daily wear watch as you almost don’t feel the watch, it sits on the wrist just perfect. The tang-style buckle is big and bold, also it is coated in the same rose gold IP coating. On the buckle, you will find the Edvard Erikson logo engraved. Maybe Edvard Erikson could make the same silicone straps in different colors and sell them separately? That would attract more customers in my opinion.

After spending more than a month with this watch I can definitely say that this is a solid homage to Richard Mille. It has the style, yes it lacks the “bling” as the E2 is kept elegant with that minimal Scandinavian design, but still, it is a great watch. The quality is there, it has a quartz movement that will stay precise no matter what, the watch is comfortable on the wrist. What else do you need?

Price: 256.38€ @ edvarderikson.com

  • Case Size: 52mm x 42mm x 11,5mm 316L Stainless Steel, IP Coated
  • Dial: Dark Polished markers
  • Crystal: Mineral glass
  • Strap: Silicone 22mm x4mm
  • Movement: Miyota Quartz Japanese movement
  • Lug Width: 24 mm
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof up to 5ATM
  • Size guide.

Measure your wrists circuit
E2 watch wristband can be adjusted:15-20 cm/5.9-7.9 inch


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