TID Watches NO.2 (Review)

Just when I started this blog a couple of years ago, one of the first reviews I wrote was about the TID NO.1 watch which was their first one. But today we are gonna look at their model NO.2 which is their second one, there also is the NO.3 so we will see, maybe in the future, I will get my hands on that one too. As we know the TID is a fashion watch brand that comes from Sweden. From the website you can see that they tend to market to fashion people, influencers and ones associated with fashion clothes. But the watches look really good, they have their own design and style, the crowns on the left side and other nice details and I can say that these ones are really well built, not like the Daniel Wellingtons or MVMT watches.

The TID NO.2 came in a small square cardboard box. You really can see that Swedish design with that super simple and clean packaging design. Inside the box, you will find the watch head and one piece leather strap separately. Also there you will find the code for registering the watch to get a warranty. The first impression for the NO.2 was good. The case is basically the same as the NO.1, but here we don’t have the PVD and black dial, but everything is in a bare steel colour with a nice satin brushed finishing. The NO.2 comes in two sizes, 36mm or 40mm. The one we have here is the 40mm version.

The watch case is made of 316L stainless steel. The case is round with fat wire lugs that are connected together (no spring bars). Yes, the lack of spring bars limits your strap options as you can only use nato or zulu style straps. For some people, it is a throw off. The machine work is done super good. I can surely compare the case quality to my Ginault and even higher end watches that cost 3 and even 5 times more. The finishing all around the watch is satin brushed and done to the highest standards. The case diameter is 40mm, from lug to lug it measures at 48,2mm, the thickness is 10mm. The crown is located at 9 o’clock or the left side of the case, yes, we usually see crowns on the right side. This is kind of a TID watch company touch, they just make the watches with a crown on the left side. I bet you won’t find a lot of left side crown watches on the market. The push-pull crown has a nice grip with those deep lines on the sides, it almost looks like a cog. The crown is signed with a small sand clock logo. On the right side of the case, we have a big and bold “TID Watches” engraved. As you all know I don’t like it, in the past, we have seen this being done to Spinnaker and Earnshaw watches and I think branding on the case is not needed and it looks ugly, but the TID NO.2 dial is so sterile and the watch is so minimal that the engraving on the side of the case looks actually good. The solid case back is held on with 6 small screws. On the case back you will find engraved some specifications and model number. The water resistance is 10ATM (100m) which is surprising as I was expecting only 50m from a fashion watch. On top of the case sits a domes sapphire glass which really makes the dial pop.

The dial on the NO.2 has the same finish as the case, it is basically a bare stainless steel. The dial has two layers. The first layer, the outer ring is slightly concaved towards the centre of the dial. On that outer ring, you will find the hour markers in Arabic numerals going from 1 to 12. The hour markers are engraved and done really well. The inside circle has the minute track going right beside the outer ring. The minute track consists of the small engraved circles. The hour and minute stick shaped hands are very simple and have a brushed finishing. The second’s hand is stick shaped with an O shaped ring on the end that goes over the minute track circles. The dial is very simple, minimal, but it isn’t the best from which to read time in some lighting.

The movement that is inside the watch is the Ronda 763 Swiss quartz movement. These movements don’t need any words, you can’t go wrong with a Swiss quartz. Of course, it is a shame that TID doesn’t make automatic watches, but quartz needs only a battery change every 2-3 years, it always stays precise and it is more shock resistant. The strap that comes with the NO.2 is a black leather one-piece strap. The strap is actually pretty good, I was expecting something much worse. The leather is very supple and thin. The strap wraps around your wrist very nicely and on the wrist for all day it feels very comfortable. The buckle is a regular tang style buckle with TID logo on it.

Overall I really like this watch. I know it is a fashion watch and comes in the same category as all the other brands like Daniel Wellington, MVMT and others, but this one really stands out. Because this watch has its own original design, the quality can be compared to watches that cost five times more than this watch and of course the details used like the Swiss quartz or the sapphire crystal. So if you want to buy MVMT or any other watch from a very popular fashion watch brands right now, STOP! And check out this one!

Price: 375.00 EUR @ tidwatches.com

Case diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 8 mm
Case weight: 50 g
Case treatment: Brushed stainless steel
Movement: Ronda 763 Swiss quartz movement
Accuracy: +- 20 second / month
Water resistance: 10ATM
Glass description: Domed sapphire glass
Face color: Steel

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