Wulf Exo WF02.05 (Review) – One of the best affordable skeletons?

Today we are gonna take a look at a company that I knew about, but never looked into it. I always thought this company makes very cheap watches and never took a look at what they are offering. But today everything is gonna change! The company is called Wulf which was formed to offer quality mechanical timepieces with avant-garde designs and personalisation options. Since the start of Wulf in 2016, they have launched 3 Swiss Made Mechanical Models, the Alpha, Exo and Lycan. Over 1000 Wulf watches were sold on the first 3 months. By March 2018, Wulf was selling Internationally and managed to sign agreements with partners in Australia, USA, Netherlands, the Middle East, Taiwan, Malaysia and China. So after reading bit more about this company and seeing some really good reviews from their customers, I wrote them and they kindly sent me one of their watches. The watch we have here is assembled in Centro Nord Sud Switzerland by professional watchmakers with more than 10 years of experience in the assembly of Swiss Made mechanical watches.

So the watch that they’ve sent me is the Wulf Exo WF02.05 and this is the most expensive one in the whole Exo collection. The rest colour versions cost 698$, but I think the best-looking one is the one we have here with that all black case and customized movement on which we are gonna talk later as I never had one of these movements in any of my watches. Also, each Exo variations as I understand will be made in only 1000 units, although they aren’t numbered.

The watch came in a very nice blue leather box signed with Wulf logo. Inside the box, you will find the watch, instructions and a Swiss Made certificate. The first impressions were just wow. It looks really good and I also immediately noticed that Swiss Made movement and went to test the lume, because the movement parts that you can see through the dial, are lumed and in the dark, as you can see from the pictures, it looks stunning!

The case of the Exo is made of 316L stainless steel. The machine work is really good, all the lines and angles are done with high precision. The case is round with nicely sized lugs. The whole case is coated in black/dark grey colour. I don’t know if it is IP plating or PVD, but it looks like it will hold for many years and won’t come off even when you will pass this watch to the next generation. The finishing of the case is brushed, except the underside of the case where it is polished. The case diameter is 42,7mm, the thickness is 11,5mm and from lug to lug it measures at 48,9mm. the paper looks like it will wear a bit big on the wrist, but surprisingly it wears like a 40mm watch. On the wrist, it just wears so nicely and surprisingly small. At 3 o’clock we have a nicely sized push-pull crown. The grip is very good and it is very easy to wind up the movement and to set time. On the top of the crown, we have the Wulf logo nicely engraved. The screw in exhibition case back has a circular brushing and some specifications engraved around the ring. The crystal on the case back is flat sapphire glass and on the front, we have a flat sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating which actually makes the watch surprisingly easy to photograph. The water resistance is 5ATM (50m), I wouldn’t recommend swimming with it due to the push-pull crown, but I don’t know why would you even consider taking a watch in this style in the water.

And now we come to the dial which is a really impressive skeleton dial in black and silver colours. I very rarely like skeleton dial watches as a lot of companies get the design wrong, but Wulf, in my opinion, did it just right! Around the dial, we have an angled chapter ring in black colour with white printing with minute marks each 5-minute increments. Then we have applied and polished hour markers and they are placed in such a way that they are floating closer to the middle of the dial. Around the skeletonized dial window, we have a black minute track ring with white printing. The hour and minute hands are bold and actually pretty legible when you look at the dial. They have polished finishing and black Swiss Super Luminova applied on them just like on the hour markers. The second’s hand is stick shaped with and arrowhead counterweight. The second’s hand is polished also. The most interesting part about this dial is in the night because some plates of the movement that you can see through the dial are also lumed and in the dark, it looks killer!

The movement beating inside the Exo is Wulf Calibre 02 which is basically a customized Swisstech 26 jewel movement. So what did Wulf did with the movement? They removed the date disc and modified the movement main plates and bridges, and decorated to become a skeletal movement. The whole process of modification and customization with the special CNC Wulf rotor is done in Botyre Switzerland. Luxurious finishes and design details. Some Exo designs are also plated in different colours like rose gold, gold and black like on the example that we have here. These IP-plated movements are not commonly found in other entry-level Swiss Made watch brands. This Limited Edition Exo 2.05 is inspired by the night hunter grey wolf and features a hand-crafted glow-in-the-dark movement. The Wulf Calibre 2.0 movement is coated with Superluminova on the top layer of the main plate. Truly a state-of-the-art creation – and I haven’t seen anything like that on any watch I reviewed before. The hour reserve is 42 hours. When it comes to precision it really surprised me as my example was running at +5 to +6 seconds a day on winder, wrist and cold situations. The movement is also hackable so watch enthusiasts will be happy about that feature! The movement comes with a 10-year warranty (except wear and tear) and if something happens you can send in the watch to Wulf (they cover the shipping expenses), repair the watch or change the movement and send you the watch back!

The strap on mine Exo example doesn’t come on any other watch from Exo collection. It is a handcrafted calf leather strap with a cool texture that reminds me of Cordura straps and it is fitted with a very nice butterfly buckle. The strap is very nicely made from what I can see, and the texture is very rough looking, but doesn’t pop out when it’s on the watch on the wrist like you would think. The strap is not very bendy and will need some time to wear in, but after 1-2 weeks it will get soft and take your wrist curvature. The strap is underline with a very soft black leather so it wouldn’t irritate your wrist while wearing the watch. The strap tapers from the lugs at 22mm to the buckle at 20mm. The butterfly buckle is made of stainless steel and has the same black coating just like the case. The top of the buckle is signed with nicely engraved Wulf logo. Usually, these buckles have a cheap feeling to them, they are flimsy and badly made, but this one is very sturdy and works like a dream!

After having the watch for a month my thoughts about the brand have changed. The watch is more than I expected and I even was wearing it more than my other watches that came in for a review. I just love it so much! The whole case machine work, the quality of the finish and of course that gorgeous skeletonized custom movement is just killer. Yes, this watch isn’t for everyone as I know a lot of people don’t like skeletonized watches, but this one is just spot on in my opinion and in affordable microbrand, I think this is one of the prettiest ones too! When it comes to price, it isn’t the cheapest one as it comes in at $1098 which is somewhere around €954, but you need to understand what you get! For that price, you get a Swiss Made watch, well-machined case, sapphire crystals on both sides, super cool design, Swiss skeletonized movement that looks good in the day and in the dark with that lume on the movement plates and a good hand made strap with butterfly buckle!

Price: $1098/€954 @ wulfcollection.com

Movement Core: Wulf Calibre 02 – Swisstech re-engineered 26 Jewels Swiss Made Self-Winding Mechanical Movement with 42 hours of power reserve
Movement Type: 3 Hands Skeleton
Timing Tolerence: -15/+15 seconds per day.
Water Resistance: 5atm (50 meter) that safely protects your watch from contact with water
Strap: Handcrafted Calf Leather fitted with Butterfly Buckle to secure your watch within seconds
Sapphire Glass: More durable than mineral glass, keep your watch glass scratch-free
Lume: Swiss Super Luminova for prolonged brightness
Case Diameter: 43 mm
Case Thickness: 11.15mm
Weight: 89 grams
Warranty: 10 years warranty on the mechanical movement Packaging: Leather box with embossed Wulf logo to make this a perfect gift

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