Out Of Order Torpedine Chrono (Review)

Today we are gonna take a look at a company that I wanted to take a look for some time now! The company is called Out Of OrderOOO” which is a small Italian based microbrand that makes their watches in Italy.

For many watch enthusiasts, wristwatches are something that is meant to be cared for and enjoyed in their best look. Usually, you will polish the crystal or the case when you get scratches. If you take care of your watch, it will take care of you in terms of lifelong service. Of course, no matter how much you take care of it, the wear and tear will eventually catch up to it as it does with most material things. At that point it’s decision time, either: replace it, restore it, or own it in the state it is.

But this young Italian company Out Of Order is doing the opposite. In fact, they will sell you a brand new already beat up watch. Or in their words, watches “Damaged in Italythrough a handcrafted process by their team near Venice. The company itself is pretty young, they started out only in 2013 and have gained a somewhat decent reputation in the watch enthusiast world, but not so many people know about this brand, it is one of those under the radar brands.

The watch we are taking look at today is from the collection called Torpedine. The prices range from 449 euros for the chronograph quartz version and 750 euros for the automatic time and date only watch. The one thing that I thought about immediately when I saw their watches was how would they sell on the secondary market? Because if I didn’t know that they come like this out of the factory, I wouldn’t buy them. Also the prices, in my opinion, are a bit high and there just isn’t value in my opinion, as I have seen other models from them selling for half from the RRP in the secondary market and it is really hard to sell. My friend has the Automatico which is basically a homage to Rolex Submariner that is again damaged and a year later he still can’t sell it, despite putting a crazy low price on it. People in my opinion just don’t know that it needs to look like this from the factory and that Damaged in Italy I think scares them off. But will I like it? Let’s find out!

The watch arrived in a very beautiful wooden watch box with Out Of Order logo on the top lid. Inside the box, you will find the watch of course and the instructions/warranty. The version of Torpedine that they sent me is the quartz chronograph one called Bronzo Giallo. As you can see from the pictures it has that galvanized steel look with those blue/red/purple/brown colours on the case and each watch will have a different colour pattern over the case, so take in mind that the watch can arrive with a galvanizing process that you might not like. But nonetheless, I actually was surprised how small it is despite the size and the dial looks pretty sharp too! First impressions were good.

The case of the Torpedine is made of 316L galvanized stainless steel. The case is very well machined in my opinion, every angle and line is sharp and pronounced. The finishing all over the case is brushed and has that galvanized steel colour finish on the case. When the watch came in, I didn’t like that galvanized look, but after wearing it for a month, I started to like it. The Torpedine has a cushion style case and has that 70s racing era chronograph look when it comes to case shape and dial. The case is 41,5mm wide (excluding crown, with crown it is 45,8mm), the case thickness is 14mm and from lug to lug it measures at 48,7mm. On the wrist, the watch wears really well and feels a bit smaller. The fit, in my opinion, is perfect! On the right side of the case, we have a screw in crown and pump pushers for the chronograph function. The signed crown is pretty big with a very nice grip so you can easily set time or date. The pump pushers have a very nice mechanical feel to them when you push them in. On the left side, we have the thing that I really hate when brands do as there we have a deep engraving of “Made in Italy”. I really don’t like when there is something written on that side, I like to be clean. But for this watch exactly that writing is everywhere, I get that the company is proud that they make their watches in Italy, but that and the Damaged in Italy tet shows on the box, case, dial, case back and it is kind of too much. The solid screw in case back is made of regular 316L stainless steel without the galvanizing process. On the case back, you will find some specifications and Torpedine logo. On the top of the watch sits a domed sapphire glass. The water resistance is 10ATM (100M), but I wouldn’t risk entering the water with a chronograph as you can accidentally push one of the pushers and flood the watch.

The dial is kept in that 70s racing style. Around the dial, we have a pretty tall matte black chapter ring with Tachymeter scale on the top and minute track on the inside. It gives a lot of depth for the dial. The dial is matte grey with almost frosted like texture. The applied hour markers are really great lume line in the middle of each one. In sunlight from some angles, it is pretty hard to spot them so when it comes to legibility, it isn’t perfect. At 9 and 3 o’clock we have two matte black subdials. The one at 9 is 60 seconds counter and the one at 3 is the 24-hour dial. The small subdial hands are actually in dark colour and very hard to spot in bad lighting. The pencil-shaped hour and minute hands have also dark colour to them, but they are accented with a yellow colour middle line in which we also have the lume. The tapered stick shaped seconds hand is yellow. At 6 o’clock we have a square date wheel with a matched date wheel which I really like.

Inside the Torpedine Chrono, we have Japan made Miyota OS20 quartz Movement. These ones are pretty widely used many watches from cheap ones to fashion watches and to microbrands. The battery life is about 2-3 years.

The strap on this one is milanese galvanized stainless steel strap. I think a cool vintage style leather strap would look much cooler as I just don’t like milanese straps because they are hair-pullers and also I don’t like the fit of them on my wrist. But there are some people who like them. The strap width is 22mm and has a straight cut. The classic buckle for the milanese strap is signed with “OOO” that means Out Of Order.

Overall I have mixed feelings about the watch. I like the design and that galvanized steel actually has this nice coloured look. But there are some problems with dial legibility with those subdial hands as if it is a chronograph I want to see them. The tet about the made in Italy, damaged in Italy, I just think too much marketing is throwing some people off. And of course the strap, I really would like them to change it for a nice vintage style leather strap or maybe rally/perforated leather strap in brown or black colours. Is the price good for this watch? Well, I think it is a bit overpriced, because of the one thing, the movement. If it had the Seiko Meca-quartz movement instead of the Miyota OS20, the price wouldn’t be too high, but with that movement, I think it is a bit overpriced. I suggest you take a look at some used examples on the internet or wait for a sale!

Price: 449€ @ outoforderwatches.com

CASE: Galvanized stainless steel case Ø42 mm

CROWN: Screw crown with Logo.

GLASS: Domed Sapphire glass.

DIAL: Sunray/Rough matt dial with applied luminous indexes and applied logo.

STRAP: hand brushed mesh band

BUCKLE: Stainless steel buckle with Logo.





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