TempoMat Rubber strap for Rolex (Review) – Is it also good for Ginault Ocean Rover?

Today we are gonna look at a rubber strap for Rolex Submariner watches. My father actually owns Submariner and at first, I was thinking of putting it on that watch, but then I had an idea if I can fit it on my Ginault Ocean Rover as Ginault claimed that the Rolex bracelet can be fitted on the Ocean Rover and that they have the exact same dimensions.

So the strap is supplied by TempoMat. They sent me the Yellow Lemon Rubber Strap for Rolex and it is meant to use the Rolex clasp at the end and you cut off the excess to fit your wrist, not my favourite style, but you can’t do it otherwise with using the original clasp. TempoMat also sent me a suede strap, but it will have its separate article, so stay tuned! The strap arrived very nicely packaged in a nice suede-like pouch signed with TempoMat logo.

The strap is made of very soft and nice to touch rubber. Mine is in Yellow, but it comes in a ton of other colours and even camo colours too. Besides these Rolex straps, they sell these for other watch brands too. Where the spring bar goes in, there is a plastic piece inside the strap for extra rigidity, but it kind of limits the spring bars you can put in there as you can’t insert those beefy ones that are meant for diving watches. Just like Rolex bracelet, it tapers from 20mm at the lugs to 16mm at the clasp. To attach the strap to your Rolex watch you will need to take apart your Rolex bracelet from the clasp and watch head. Then you cut the one strap to the right size of your wrist and attach it to the watch.

So I decided to test this strap on my Ginault Ocean Rover as I never seen it on this kind of style strap. I took apart the bracelet and everything and I noticed immediately that Ginault has a bit different system of attaching the strap to one end of the clasp. So I needed to do some extra cutting. From there fitting the strap to clasp was with no problems, but the real problem was trying to slide in thicker spring bars, if I used thinner ones, the strap wouldn’t be flat against the case. And so I tried to slide them in by putting the strap in hot water and then sliding in the spring bar and it worked. Then I attached the strap to the watch and it almost gave a new life to already a bit beaten up Ocean Rover!

When I first put it on the wrist I was surprised that it gives even better comfort than the bracelet and of course it makes the watch a bit lighter. The strap also is very supple so it wraps the wrist very comfortably! If you own either Rolex Submariner or this great homage watch from Ginault, this is definitely a great strap choice for these watches besides the bracelet.

Overall I really like this strap. It is made from good quality rubber and feels just like the Rolex supplied rubber straps that costs a lot more than this one. On the wrist it wears very comfortably, I still wear my Ocean Rover on this strap and I think I will leave it till the next winter as it will be perfect in the summer when I go to sea or diving. I also will try to put it on my fathers Submariner and maybe write another small article on how it fits and wears on that one too.

So I suggest you check TempoMat rubber straps. They have a huge selection of colours and strap styles that will fit Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Apple Watch and many other watches! The strap that we have here costs 79€, but is for sale right now for just 49€


One thought on “TempoMat Rubber strap for Rolex (Review) – Is it also good for Ginault Ocean Rover?

  1. Very disappointed with the overall quality of the product. It feels very cheap like something you can buy on Wish for €1 not the “luxury” item advertised.
    Don’t recommend – there are better ways to spend your €80


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