Straposphere straps (Review) – Are they any good?

Today we are gonna take a look at various rubber straps from Straposphere. They sent me straps from the Straporubber, Strapiso and Strapowaffle lines. Why I chose the review these straps? Well, your readers wanted me to find straps that are good quality, has some bright colours and cool designs that don’t cost much, and so I delivered. So far from what I read online about this company, everyone liking the straps and so I wanted to see for myself how good they are. Before I start the review, I need to say that all the straps were tested and I was wearing them for 2 months and tested them in various conditions.

The straps came packaged in these small cardboard sleeves, pretty nice packaging. The first impressions were that the colours are really bright and just like in the pictures. Usually, when I get straps in for review, the colours are a bit different than on the pictures, but here everything is good. I also noticed that the straps are very soft and supple. I also noticed that they have a nice subtle scent to them.

The first straps that we are gonna take a look at are from Straporubber line. Which basically are rally style rubber straps. They have a similar design to Breitling rubber straps. These straps are made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), a material highly resistant to wear & tear, corrosion and lint. The straps are very soft to touch and very supple. On the wrist, they feel very comfortable and the holes on the strap let your wrist to breathe. The straps come with a tang style buckle made of stainless steel and signed with Stratosphere logo. When I read about these straps it said that they are resistant to lint, and I didn’t believe that as all my rubber straps usually get a lot of lint. But this strap really doesn’t collect lint so your watch will always look good on the wrist. The length on the straps is pretty good so it will fit big wrists too. The prices on these are really good, only 19$ US. Right now they only have three colours: yellow, dark blue and black. But I think they will add more colours along the way.

Then we have straps from the Strapiso which are made from premium silicone. And just like the Straporubber straps, they are very soft to touch and also very comfortable on the wrist due to the supple rubber. These straps have the classic ISO strap design which I really like. Usually, these style of straps are costly like the Isofrane ones, yes, the Isofrane straps are really good, I can’t say anything bad about them, but for some people, the price is too high, but these straps cost only 15$ US which is crazy cheap! These straps come in a bit more colours: black, dark blue, military green, orange, burgundy red and electric blue. These straps also come with tang style buckles made of stainless steel and signed with Straposphere logo. The middle part of the buckle is a bit wider to fit in the holes of the strap more securely. On the wrist, the strap feels pretty good and I think for summer it is perfect as it has many holes so the wrist breaths and doesn’t sweat. The length on the straps is pretty good so it will fit big wrists too. I even had to cut off a little portion on the orange strap because it was too long.

Then we have one strap from the Strapowaffle line in black. I actually love the waffle design and was trying to find some good straps. I know that Uncle Seiko has some good ones, but again we have a relatively big price which for some people is too much for a strap. But Straposphere has waffle straps for just 19$ US. The strap has nice waffle texture to it. The strap is just as soft as the other ones and feels the same on the wrist, just isn’t so thick as the other ones. The strap is made from premium quality rubber. The strap comes in only three colours: black, blue and green. I wish they added more fun colours like yellow, orange etc. The straps come with a tang style buckle made of stainless steel and signed with Stratosphere logo.

Overall the straps are really good for the prices and what they are! I was really surprised by the quality as the rubber straps for such low prices tend to be on low quality. But these straps really feel premium. As you can see these ones will fit most of the dive watch designs, but if you don’t like these ones, Straposphere has more options from leather, seatbelt premium natos, canvas, stitched silicone and even Marine National straps. So there are a lot of options to choose from. I definitely suggest buying these straps to change the look of your watch without breaking a bank!


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