Spinnaker Hull Riviera & Chronograph – New releases from Spinnaker!

In May of this year, I already reviewed one of the watches from Spinnaker Hull collections called California, and these two new models the Riviera and Chronograph are basically the same watches, just with some differences like dial, case colour and movement. So not to make another review, I’ve decided to do a short look at these two watches and to read a full review of the Hull watch, check my review of California here!

So the two watches came in the same Spinnaker boxes. The first impressions of the Riviera were great, as I mentioned in the California review, I really like the smaller size with the Panerai cushion case style. I also quite like the vintage stitched crocodile strap, somehow it looks better than on their sister brand Earnshaw. The first impressions of the Chronograph were good too, and this is actually Spinnakers second Chronograph with which you can swim with no problem.

So what’s the difference? The Hull Riviera has the same cushion style case and styling, but it is rose gold colour plated, it has this grain textured fume dial which has this greenish/black/silver colour. The strap is also a new one for Spinnaker with the crocodile pattern on top and yes the strap is water-resistant as all Spinnaker leather straps are! Otherwise, all the sizes, specs, water resistance, the movement and everything else is like on any other Hull Automatic watch! The price for this particular Riviera will be 275$ and you can now sign up to order one on Spinnaker website!

The Hull Chronograph has a lot more changes, the only thing that is left from Hull is the case. They basically took out the automatic movement and swapped it for meca-quartz VK73 Seiko chronograph movement which is a really good quartz chronograph movement by the way! The bezel is engraved with a Tachymeter scale for the chronograph. The dial is the same as the Riviera has, but with 3 subdials and a big date at 12 o’clock. Ar 2 and 4 o’clock we have a screw-down, yes screw-down pushers for the chronograph! This is actually a first on KaminskyBlog where a company actually did it for a chronograph! The pushers work really great, very easy to unscrew and screw in back. The case back is a solid one, not like on other Hull’s where you have exhibition case back, but that’s understandable, it wouldn’t be stupid to put exhibition case back on a watch with quartz movement. The water resistance for the chronograph is only 100m, but I can surely say that you can dive with it no problems due to screw-down pushers and crown! The price for this one is 235$ which is really great considering how good it is!

Overall both new releases from Spinnaker are really cool! You get a dressed up Hull called Riviera and a sporty version with Chronograph! My favourite from these both would be the Chronograph and that is surprising as I rarely don’t choose a watch with mechanical movement. Anycase I highly suggest you check the Chronograph, that is one hell of a watch for the price!



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