Boderry Urban Titanium Skeleton (Review) – Best of Aliexpress!

Today we are gonna review a watch from a company called Boderry. It is an Aliexpress store, but they also have their own webpage They have many watches for sale, but what intrigued me was the one we have in for review because it has a Titanium case, skeleton 72h movement and sapphire glass and the watch costs just slightly under 150$. Anycase I contacted Boderry and they sent me one sample in for review.

So the watch comes in a pretty well made watch box that actually beats some watches that are worth well over 500$. Inside the box you will find the watch, warranty card and instructions manual. The first impressions were that it is super light, it weighs only 62 grams, which is mind blowing for the price. Also I we will see if the watch really has 72h power reserve as they claim.

So the case is made of Titanium. I know that Titanium has grades and this from the looks of it isn’t the highest grade, but it looks good. The finishing all over the watch is brushed. The finishing quality isn’t maybe the best, but for the price I don’t mind seeing some inconsistency in the finishing. The case diameter is 40mm, the case lenght is 44m, the thickness is 11,7mm and the lug width is 20mm. The dimensions in my opinion are great! I like smaller sized watches 38-40mm, I think it is the perfect size for midsize wrist to wear to office or just as a casual watch. At 3 o’clock we have a push-pull crown with black hard rubber grip and it is signed on the top with Boddery logo which was surprising to see at this price range. The crown action is pretty good actually. On the top we have a fixed bezel with engraved indentations. On the back we have an exhibition case back. The crystal on the case back is flat mineral. Around the case back there are some specifications and serial number etched on it. On top of the case sits a flat sapphire crystal which also was a surprise to see at this price. The water resistance is 50m (5ATM), it isn’t a lot, but for a hand wash or rain it will be good, just no swimming.

The skeleton dial isn’t actually a lot to talk about as most of the dial takes the movement. Around the dial we have a chapter ring with raised, round hour markers with lume in the middle. At 3 o’clock we have the Boddery name. I don’t like the Boddery name on the dial as the font looks cheap and kind of cheapens the watch. At 6 o’clock we have a round window of the open heart and on the frame of the window we have some writings with specifications of the movement “Automatic”, “21 Jewels” and “72 Hours Power Reserve”. The skeletonized hour and minute hands are dark and actually it would be better of they made these hands in a different more lighter colour as it would make the dial more legible. At the tip of each hand we have a lume arrow. The seconds hand is arrow shaped, also in that dark gumetal colour like the hour and minute hands and with lume at the end of the hand. The lume isn’t the strongest, and it lasts about an hour.

The movement inside the watch is the Hangzhou 7500. Researching more about it, it seems that microbrand like Waldhoff and many others are using it and it really has 72h power reserve and you can actually see it by how long is the spring in the barrel through the dial at 12 o’clock. And this is what attracted me to the watch, I know that there are so many Chinese movement makers and calibers, but I never thought that you can buy a watch with 72h power reserve for less than 150$. On top of that it is also an automatic movement with a Boddery custom Rotor in gold colour and with a decent guilloche finishing on the movement. The movement beats at 28800vph and has 21 jewels. My example runs at surprising +8 to +9 seconds a day which is pretty good for a Chinese made caliber.

The strap that comes on the watch is kind of a let down, but it was expected at this price range, I guess all things can’t be good right? The strap is genuine leather from what it seems and the top seems to be aged a bit to look older. It also has contrasting white stitching. The tang style buckle from what it seems is made of stainless steel, but I may be wrong and it could actually be titanium. But it is well and and signed with Boddery logo.

Overall it is pretty stunning how you can buy an 72 hour power reserve watch for just 150$. Yes, it may be not the best example, but about 20 years ago we could not imagine such thing for such price. I think this is a great watch for someone who has more than 2-3 watches in his rotation + it is interesting to check out the Titanium case and that 72h power reserve movement. Is it worth to buy? I think yes, it isn’t that expensive even if it breaks and is something unusual on your wrist. If you don’t like the skeleton dial, there re also solid dial versions for the same price!

Price: 149.99$


2 thoughts on “Boderry Urban Titanium Skeleton (Review) – Best of Aliexpress!

  1. I bought mine last October 2020 in Ali Express and this is my first and only automatic watch. I’ve been using it everyday. I actually drop the watch in the bathroom face down into the ceramic tiles and to my surprise the sapphire glass didn’t shattered and no broken parts inside whatsoever. I would say this is very durable watch and I’m very satisfied for it. Watch is still ticking up to this writing and hope it’ll last for a few more years.


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