Carapaz Leather Watch Case for 3 watches (Review) – Best Watch Case Ever Made!

Today I will present you probably one of the best and most thought out watch rolls I have ever tested! Most standard leather roll with a single roll inside but this could allow watches to knock together if you are not careful, some come with a slip over ring which separates the watches which is great but you either have to take out the whole roll or undo whatever watch you want to remove, again not ideal. But today looks like we finally have found the perfect watch roll that eliminates all that and even comes with and added feature.

Carapaz is a small leather design company based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and the founder of the company is Mr. Felix Rehsteiner who is also a designer who has worked many years for the Swiss watch industry, and have designed several travel watch cases for brands such as Chopard, Blancpain, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Piaget, including the model of Phase de Lune, which is also used by Patek. A few years ago he inveted the rail-system for the watch pillows about which we will talk a bit later in the review, and founded his own leather design brand – Carapaz. It’s design has been used recently also by a few other brands, but they always try to stay a step ahead in the design department. Their watch cases are well known among collectors and watch lovers in general, as they are high quality leather products for high quality timepieces.

They have a lot of watch cases for 1, 2, 4 and 8 watches. And the price vary from 147euros for the one watch case to 507euros for a watch case where you can fit 8 watches. Carapaz sent me the 3 watch roll in dark brown. The watch case came in a very solid outer box made from thick hard cardboard offering excellent protection. Inside we have the roll wrapped nicely in a tissue paper and a nice hand written greeting card from Mr. Rehsteiner. The first impressions of the watch case was just wow! The smooth leather, the quality of craftsmanship and the insides! It’s just so well made!

So the exterior is made of dark brown leather. The leather is really soft and nice to touch and I bet this watch roll will just be getting better and better looking with years as it will gain some patina on it, that’s why I love leather bags as they are basically for a lifetime! Each seam is really well finished with no visible thread-ends. Open up the flap, secured with 4 press studs (nice touch) and you are welcomed with a brown/tan lining which I absolutely love. The lining is suede like material which is very soft and won’t scratch even the highest polished watches! Notice how the flap when closed will fit just inside the edges of the case which gives a nice finish when closed and it is another well thought out touch, and I’m not surprised as Mr. Rehsteiner has a lot of experience developing these watch cases for many years. The rail system is an essential feature of our watch cases to keep the watches in place, and allow for the display and watch stand function. And the rail feature is what I really like about this product! Each cushion sits in the watch roll on its own slide in rail keeping each cushion secure, and another thing that I love and actually that is usefull for photographing the watch case and the watches inside i the stand/diplay function.. These allow the watches to sit securely in a upright display position, again in their own slots. Each cushion can fit watches up to 58mm in diameter and about 17-18mm in thickness which is more than enough for fitting 99% of watches ever made! The flexible cushions fit various wrist sizes from 16 up to 21cm wrist sizes easily!

Overall this watch roll is pretty expensive at 276 euros and it probably is the most expensive watch accessory that I have reviewed, but in my opinion it is worth every cent and more! If I could change something here, I wouldn’t change a single thing! You pay for what you get, a really well thought out product with exceptional quality to even the smallest detail! I’m very thankfull to Mr. Rehsteiner and Carapaz for sending this watch case and after seeing it, I can surely say that it is THE BEST watch case ever made!

Price: 276€ @


6 thoughts on “Carapaz Leather Watch Case for 3 watches (Review) – Best Watch Case Ever Made!

  1. I prefer Janexx Watch rolls. Its so genius and lovely made. And the price is more than fair. Make a review, i’m sure that you will love like carapaz.


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