MisterChrono.com Kronokeeper case for 24 watches (Review) – Dream Came True!

About 6 months ago I sold one of my watches and had some extra cash laying around and I decided that I will downgrade my affordable watch collection down to 24 watches and will find a case for them all. I was always fascinated how the pelican cases look and actually seen some projects on watchuseek forum where people buy the foam inserts either pre-cut for watches or cut them by themselves. But I didn’t like that look and wanted something made just for watches and I stumbled upon the website Misterchrono.com which is a retailer for many different watch accessories like straps, watch boxes, cases, pouches, winders, watchmaker tools, etc. and they are based in France, and due to customs tax beeing high when ordering from USA, China, this was a perfect way on how to not overpay.

So the case I found and ordered for my birthday is the Kronokeeper waterproof case for 24 watches! Sadly due to Suez canal problems the shipping took extra 2 months and only a couple of weeks ago I finally received it! And wow! The case is amazing! I was blown away by the quality and everything is how I wanted! I was also surprised that the case has a strap to put the case on the shoulder.

When you buy the case you get the case, shoulder strap and some papers. The case looks like any regular pelican case would looks like in black plastic. The plastic feels pretty rigid and it feels like it wouldn’t break even if you drop it from 2 meters. On top of the case we have a metal plate with “Kronokeeper” logo which is a nice addition. On the front part we have a handle with rubber grip, two flip locks that also can be closed more securely with small locks. Also under the handle we have air valve for water tightness. On the both sides we have slots for the shoulder strap. You open the box and you immedeately see how tough and well made it is as it has full rubber gaskets around the top lid sides. And also the top lid has a stopper that stops the top lid from opening all the way and it stays in place.

The insides of the case are lines with foam inserts. The foam seems like good quality one and the slots are cut perfectly! I was worried that some of my bigger watches wouldn’t fit, but they fit very easily. I tested and there can be two 49mm watches side by side and they still have 5mm gap between them. When all the watches are put in place and you close the lid the watches stay securely in the place and don’t rattle or anything. Also what is good is that no matter how big is your wrist, you can put any sized bracelet watch on it and it will sit securely in the box and will fit on the foam pillow.

So how much does this box cost? Well, it was actually pretty cheap at 182,50euros + 40euro shipping with FedEx, atleast I think it is cheap for what you are getting. There are the same cases for 8, 15 and 48 watches. I actually wanted the 48 watch version at first, but I like my watches on display and the case is 2 layer one with 24 watches on each layer, so yeah!

Overall I like the case! It looks good, it is made well and serve the purpose! Also it is quite affordable and I think it is better to buy one sturdy case for your collection rather than a watch for that price. Can I suggest this box? Definitely!



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