Building my own watch box

Well, it’s that time of the year when I realise I have too many watches. And I need one place to store them all. So I wanted to put them in one box, or at least in two boxes. I searched the eBay, Amazon and other sites for options, but 40+ watch storage boxes were a luxury with high price or looks awful. So I started to look for a way to build it myself. The first I saw was TheTimeBum Watch drawer project

Then I saw another project on watchuseek forum, where one guy turned and old cabinet into watch storage space

So it got me thinking, how hard can it be? So before I went spending my money, I did a little research on how to build a sturdy and decent looking watch box, and how to put the watches in they’re place. When I was done with the research, I sketched the idea, put rough measurements, and I went to my local hardware store called “DEPO” to get all I need. Amazing place btw, you will find everything here!

So what I bought to build this:

  • Wooden box with handles 600x300mm  – 9.47eur
  • Wooden board 600x300x100 (but you can cut it yourself) – 2eur
  • MDF board 3mm thick 720x599mm (but you won’t need that much) – 3eur
  • Pipe insulation 35mm diameter and 2000mm long – 0.75euro
  • 2 Hinges (any size you won’t, but not the smallest ones)  – 1eur
  • 10 Screws 3x15mm, rope –  1eur
  • 10mm nails – 0.10eur
  • Wood stain – 6eur

Instruments I needed:

  • Saw, saw blades at least 4-6 because they break a lot
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Paper knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Hammer
  • Brush
  • Scissors

I’m apologising for the poor pictures,  as I didn’t have the time to make them in good quality with the camera, so I took them with my old iPhone 4 😀 Yes. I still use one. Also don’t look at the prices, some of them are wrong in the picture.

So I got this box, it’s a simple wooden box with already cut out handles to carry it around. At first, I was thinking to build the box fully myself, but I saw this ready box, and so I went with it. Plus it costs less than building it yourself. Of course, not all of you will find something like this or even similar to this in your local hardware store, but you can build it yourself as it is really easy (Youtube is full of tutorials). Or you can take any box you like. I measured the box for 40 watches, but in the end, I chose to put there 44.

Then I started to cut the MDF plate to make the sections where to put watches. so the inner measures are 580x280x100mm. So I cut the MDF plate into strips. 3 strips are 580x65mm and 10 are 280x65mm, so I cut all the parts like this as you can see in pictures. Then I made cut-ins to join them all together to make these compartments. I made 4x11rows, each watch space measures 50x61x65mm.

I tested and everything fits, so I sanded all parts I cut, so all the cuts and angles are smooth to touch. I put everything together and here you have it. I took out the wooden plate I will use for the lid, cut the corners and made them round to match the box. Then I measured where the hinges will be and screw them on. I screwed in one screw into the lid and another on the side of the box and then tied a rope to each other and joined them together. You can do this on both sides if you want, but it holds very well on one too.

The pipe insulation is cut into forty 50mm pieces. and here you go, the watch box is ready. Then I finally took all the watch boxes from my closet and drawers and put all the watches in the box I just made. They fit perfectly and it looks amazing. And yes, I had 4 spare places left, as I didn’t buy as much pipe insulation, but I used that space for straps, accessories and watch tools. So I have everything (almost) in one box. I still have about 10-12 watches outside the box and a couple of other things + a couple of more watches are coming this way. So maybe I will be building a watch box a bit smaller for about 20 watches in near future.

Here is the first version of the watch box with no stain

Many people on Facebook, on a post I made in the Urban Gentry Watch Club group, asked, what finish I will put on it? The next day I went to “DEPO” again and bought wood stain, this is based on linen oil. So basically it means that it’s ecological and doesn’t have the smell of paint or something toxic. The stain colour I chose is called “Bear” I know, it’s a funny name 😀 It’s darkish brown. I put only one coat on and got the right colour I wanted. For more protection and darker stain, you could also apply 2 coats.

The process of staining is pretty easy. You take a brush and brush the wood with stain, then wipe off with a cloth towel or paper towel the rest of stain. The longer the stain sits on the wood, the darker it will get. It dried fully in about 24hours, the smell goes away in about 2 days.

I also added some old leather nato strap I bought two years ago to the box to keep the lid closed. It’s a small, but a nice touch I think.

Overall the project took me about 3 days to make (that’s with the stain drying). When I finished the box, I was surprised myself how good it came out. In the primary school, I had woodworking lessons, so I remembered some things I learned there. I really like what came out of this project. About the inside, I think I will leave it as it is.



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