Leff Amsterdam Tube Watch S42 – Matt Black 42mm (Review)

This is a rather interesting brand, and you never could think that this brand makes wristwatches. Leff Amsterdam at least couple of years ago was mainly focused on table/wall clocks and speakers and other design objects and besides that, there was a small section for wristwatches. I reached out to them about 2 years ago and finally got my hands on of the wristwatches, particularly the Tube Watch in 42mm and matt black color.

The Leff Amsterdam as you thought is a design company based in Amsterdam/Netherlands. The company was founded in 2011. Little is known about the companies small history. But the products they make are very interesting. I really like the Brick clock in copper and black (see in picture above)


The watch came in this nice looking box. It reminded me these disposable boxes that eco products come in. The box actually is pretty high quality and feels very nice. As the Leff Amsterdam is design company the packaging is designed very well too. You open the box and here it is. And damn. The watch is gorgeous. And what I was impressed the most was that the watch came with the bracelet on it and it was sized just for me. I know that it’s a coincidence, but damn, that was on point 😀 But the first impressions were good. The matt black finishing is really good. Knocked the watch couple of times and no scratches or what so ever.

So the case is made from 316L stainless steel. The diameter is 42mm and the watch is 11.4mm thick. Overall the dimensions are very good. The watch wears nicely. It is a hefty/heavy watch, but done just right. The matt black finishing is even and is a very heavy duty as the knocks were pretty hard and the watch. The case back is stainless steel too and is screw down. On the case back you will find specifications of the watch. Lug width is 22mm so there will be no problems finding cool straps. The crown is signed and is screw down.

The dial is maybe the weakest point because it’s quite hard to read time. That is because the dial, hands, and markers are all black. The watch is all black, it has no details in different color. On the second thought as we all know this is a design brand watch, so it is a design object. Its function is to look good. So this is almost a fashion watch (delete the almost :D). The watch is designed by Piet Hein Eek.

The watch is designed by Piet Hein Eek. He is best known for the furniture design. (see pictures above). He is Dutch furniture designer.

The watch has sapphire crystal and the water resistance is quite good. It’s 10ATM (100m). So light shower and swim will be more than ok to do. The movement inside is Japanese Miyota 2035. There’s nothing to be said about Japanese quartz movements. They all are reliable and precise!

The steel bracelet it came with is really good for a fashion/design brand. I have had a Michael Kors in my hands, and it costs more than this one, and it had a cheap, very rattling hollow link bracelet. But this one is really nice. The clasp mechanism is hidden in the links at the end. But it works fine. Of course a good clasp would be better. The watch also came with 3 spare links so it’s plenty enough, and I think that if you order you can get more spares just in case.

Overall the watch is great when you want to wear something casual, not so flashy. It really looks good with khaki/red burgundy colors. This one won’t be good for collectors that look for brands with horology history, automatic movement etc. But this is more tended to youth audience who looks for something with a good modern design. Dutch design and Scandinavian design nowadays is what people are appealed to.

Price: 349 @ leffamsterdam.com

CASE Ø42mm – 11.4mm thick, 316L solid stainless steel
COLOUR Matt Black
BRACELET 22mm Wide, 316L solid stainless steel with butterfly clasp
MOVEMENT Japanese Miyota 2035 – 3 hand
LENS Sapphire crystal
CROWN Screw down crown with diamond cut teeth
WEIGHT 150g / 0.33lbs
DESIGNER Piet Hein Eek
CONTENTS PACKAGING Tube watch S42, spare links, instruction manual, warranty
BATTERY TYPE SR626SW (included)

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