WatchBandit straps (Review)

I was searching for the web to find some store that could lend me a Dan Henry watch for a review, but instead, I got some straps to review 😀 So today we are looking at 5 different straps from

So the first are two natos, one is yellow and the other is khaki. They are pretty good quality natos. I like when the nato straps are tough and aren’t soft like the WristWatchCandy ones I reviewed last year. These are pretty spot on. Plus I wanted a yellow nato for some time. The stitching is pretty good and the buckle is ok. Here are some shots of them on watches:

Third nato strap that I chose was the natural leather one. I wanted to check leather nato straps for some time. I didn’t like the idea because the leather stretches and it looses its wideness, and it gets uneven. But this one seems to be ok, of course, it stretches a bit, but only if you make it wet. The leather is soft and looks good on almost any watch.

The fourth strap that I wanted was a zulu strap, but in 24mm because I have one watch that has 24mm (Sea-Gull tank commander watch). The strap is pretty hefty and when you put it on the watch, the watch feels a lot bigger than it is. The strap gives the watch a lot of heft. I would like it to be softer and not so stiff, for nato’s it’s ok to be stiff, but zulu’s are harder to wear in. But any case it suits the watch a lot!

The final strap that I got was this mesh strap. This one is also 24mm and was meant for the same watch as the zulu. This was the worst of them all. the quality of the mesh wasn’t the best. It got stuck many times and didn’t bend my wrist.  Maybe I got one from a bad batch, but it was the worst I’ve seen. But it looks good on the Sea-Gull Tank Commander watch.

Overall the WatchBandit offer pretty cool straps. The quality of nato’s and zulu’s are very good 🙂 But they need to do more quality on the mesh straps, but I think they will sort that out too 🙂 They also sent me this strap removal tool. A pretty good one actually, not that cheap one I usually get.


One thought on “WatchBandit straps (Review)

  1. Thank you Watch bandit for being honorable with refunding my money when the item wasn’t available.



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