Ceccacci Pilot GMT (Review)

Since we last looked at the Ceccacci brand. They had several models just released, and they all were pretty good looking Swiss ETA automatics. They had chronographs, GMT and time date variants and all they had this classic Rolex Submariner and Flieger watches look. When I saw the Ceccacci Pilot GMT with the blue dial with yellow accents on hands and dial and especially on the yellow strap, I have just blown away! Italians really know how to use colours. A good example also is Squale.  Italians really know how to make the yellow and blue tones pop.

As we all know the Ceccacci has a long going history which you can read on another post I made here on my blog. But I think at this point they have reached their top point of in such aspects as design and quality. They are releasing really nice looking watches with great designs and movements. They have a big selection now. I remember how I reached out to them about half a year ago and they had only 5 models I think, now they have about 19 watches in the selection. And Massimiliano (owner of the brand) really tries to get the best movements, straps and designs in, to reach out to everyone’s taste. Can’t wait what Ceccacci has to offer us in future!

So the watch we are looking today is that blue and yellow Ceccaci Pilot GMT. I was really excited to see this in the flesh. When it arrived it looked even better than on the pictures. Watch arrived in this pretty big box. It was hard cardboard box outside with some Ceccacci branding and inside there was a piano finish wooden box, which was finished nicely. Truly a luxury feel. The box is actually made in Italy too. You open the box and here you have the watch. With the watch, you also get some accessories. You get a certificate of authenticity, guarantee, a backup strap which is basically a reverse to the yellow that’s on the watch, you also get a strap removal tool and some extra spring bars and of course the signed cleaning cloth. Overall nice packaging. Damn Ceccacci keeps surprising me with each watch he sends me. Every watch that they send me is better than the last one, it really shows the love and passion that they have for watches. With each watch, they try to beat the last one they created.

At this point, I have reviewed about 2 Flieger styled watches. I always wanted to get my hands on the classic, original design Flieger watch. I have reviewed the Laco aviation style watch and the other one is a homage to the Zenith Type 20 and that is DeltaT Flieger watch. I was actually very close to buying the Parnis 45mm Flieger just for a review and then sell it, but then I realised that I want to invest my blog money in some cheap vintage watches to review. And so this idea of Flieger kind of went away. But now with this, I’m very happy to review one. And I got to say, my thoughts that I had before actually getting my hands on Flieger are just as I imagined. The watch and size are just perfect. And the dial layout is done so you can read time fast and precise. Also, the GMT function in this version helps a lot to see what time is in Brisbane (Australia) where my mom lives.

So the case is made from stainless steel. The diameter is 44mm, the thickness is 11mm, height is 51mm and lug width is 22mm. So the Pilot has a very good wrist presence. It is also pretty thin if you ask me, I have some quartz dress pieces that are in the same thickness or even thicker. So the watch is pretty slim for the 44mm size. The case finishing is really good. The case is finished in satin brushed finishing. I tried to find something to get picky on, but couldn’t find. I like how the case when it goes from side to the case back, it actually has nice smooth curve rather than straight 90-degree angle. It just gives the watch overall good and attractive shape. The watch has display case back that is held on with four screws. Don’t know particularly what crystal is there, but from feels, I think it is sapphire. When I was little I really wanted a watch with display case back, because I really liked to watch the movement go. And now I still like that feature, that you can see your movement, it just makes you feel closer to the heart of the watch. The ETA 2893 isn’t particularly anything special to look at, but I still like it. The crown is in onion shape and is polished. The strange thing that I think is that they didn’t make it screw down, I know that it is Fliger and it doesn’t need high water resistance, but still, I would feel more secure going with it through rain or something. The crown action when winding the watch or sitting time is crisp and smooth.  So for that, the water resistance is only 5ATM or 50m. It isn’t a lot, but as I seen most of Flieger watches have 5ATM water resistance. I think it needs to be 10ATM or 100m at a minimum. Some of my dress watches are 10ATM water resistant. On top of the dial sits AR coated flat sapphire crystal.

The dial on this watch is something. The dial colour is called “petrol blue” and damn it looks good. Sometimes the dial looks blue, dark blue or sometimes completely black. The dial is made in the classic Flieger traditions. Around the dial, you have seconds track going and a bit bigger hour markers. On the 12 o’clock we have the classic triangle which defines the Fieger watch. The hours are marked also with numbers except 12,3,6,9 o’clock as there are bigger rectangles marking those hours. Inside there is the 24-hour marker circle which is for the GMT function. The hour track and numbers are in yellow colour so it really gives the dial the pop of colour, and it looks so good. The blue and yellow goes together so well. On 3 o’clock you have date window which I think wasn’t the best choice as I start to dislike the date function, because I like when you can take the watch, set time and go. With date function, you put in some time. But it is never a reason why I won’t buy a particular watch. It is just my thing that I start not to like. The hands are sword shape and are big and easy to read. The second’s hand is long and stick shapes. It reaches the second’s track so you can read the seconds very precise. I really like these pilot watches. Because you can put them as desk clocks beside your bed and the lume will show you the time throughout the night. The GMT hand is arrow shaped and has little yellow accent going on it. Really tastefully done! The logo is on 12 o’clock. The logo thank god is tastefully done, it also isn’t big and does not get into your eyes so much, which is a good thing.

The movement. I won’t lie, this is my first ETA that isn’t quartz. It is the automatic Swiss ETA 2893. The movement is pretty commonly used. Glycine, Steinhart, Louis Erard, Fortis and other respectable brands use it. The movement is really good and reliable. I don’t know if they regulate it, but is was going only +2 seconds a day. Which is really good. The movement isn’t anything special to look at through that see through case back, but I like it. I don’t need any Geneva lines and all that fancy finishing. If it ticks, is reliable and has proven it’s quality, then I approve it. The power reserve is 38h, 21 jewels and it has hacking seconds. 28.800 vibrations per hour at 4 Hz. so the second’s hand has a very smooth sweep. The rotor is signed with the Ceccacci logo.

The straps it comes with are just amazing. I really like that they went with the yellow one and they also throw in a reverse colour strap too. Italians, in general, have a good sense of colour, you can see that in their flag. The strap is made from this rubber, leather type of material, and it has this dotted pattern. The underside of the strap has leather. The strap is signed. The buckle is just a regular one, made from stainless steel and finished in polished finishing. I wore this watch on a beach and the strap was really nice for hot weather. Usually, I sweat under the leather strap, but this one was fine, no sweat under the strap.

Overall I like the watch. It might be overpriced for some as it is a relatively unknown brand, but I think it is priced nicely. The Ceccacci has a long history going back to 1897 from church watches to pocket watches and wristwatches. They have done and tried it all. And they really have a lot of knowledge on how to make a quality watch. Did I mention that all watches are made in Italy, but the movements are Swiss made? Yes, they make their watches in Italy. No Singapore or China here. Only pure Italian made! This watch is no exception, In the past, I reviewed only their low priced watches, but now I took a look at one of their top models and wow, I was pleasantly surprised! The quality and design are there, they just need to gain some popularity, because I believe that this brand has a future, because it has all the best ingredients what a great watch company needs!

Price: 1,135.00 € @ Ceccacci.it 

Case Diameter 44 mm
Case Color Silver
Movement Swiss ETA 2893
Movement type Automatic
Power Reserve 38 hours
Alternations / Time 28,800 A / h
Glass Sapphire
Clock face Arab numbers
Dial Color Petrol Blue / Yellow, Black / Orange, Black / Red
Strap Real leather
Strap Color Petrol Blue, Black
WR 5 ATM (50 m)

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