AVI-8 X Bradley Mountain (Review)

So today we are finally taking a look at AVI-8 watch. But this one is special. AVI-8 have teamed up with Bradley Mountain, an outdoor lifestyle brand, to create this interesting looking timepiece. So AVI-8 used the classic Flyboy case and made it a little different. The watch is a limited edition piece. There are only 200 made. Ok, first of all, I don’t believe it, as I still see Amazon, Bradley Mountain and AVI-8 themselves selling them and they aren’t sold out yet. And it seems a little too strange that it isn’t selling that good because limited editions always sell well for this kind of brands. Of course, I could be wrong, of someone knows better please leave a comment 😉 I also have to mention that nowhere on the case it says that it is limited edition or that there is only 200 made.

So, I received the watch. The box was a decent one for the watch. It was wrapped in this canvas, almost looked something utilitarian/army styling. Inside you will find the watch, instructions, cleaning cloth and warranty card. First impressions were good, I liked the size of the watch. The dial surprised me very much. I like that it lights up. But I really didn’t like the hour’s markers on 12,3,9 o’clock. To me, they look silly and the font that is used in them isn’t the best one.

AVI-8 is about 4-5 years old company and has brought many interesting watches to the table. AVI-8 supplied the watch industry with a very broad array of affordable watches suitable for all tastes. As one could figure, AVI-8 specialises in aviation theme watches, providing a respect to the history of significant Royal Air Force planes. Many watches in their collection come in both Automatic and Quartz movements.

The case of the watch is constructed of solid stainless steel that has an ionic brass colour plating. and is accented with a coin edge crown. As you know the case is the same that their Flyboy model uses. Constructed with clean lines and a see-through case back allowing the view of the movement, the watch has a really nice appeal. The case of the watch is water resistant up to 5ATM or 50 meters. Measuring in at 43mm, with a lug-to-lug measurement of 48mm, the feel and comfort of the watch is quite pleasant. The height of the case totals 11,6mm. The watch is equipped with a sapphire glass for protection. On the case back I think the watch has a mineral crystal, that is a common thing to see. Th watch case has a brushed finishing.

The dial, well the dial is something. I’m talking particularly about lume. The lume is just amazing. The whole dial is applied with Super-LumiNova® C3 which shines just as bright as a flashlight in the dark. I was surprised how good it is. I sometimes use it to go to the basement to find stuff :D. But there are some drawbacks, for example in the daylight the dial is this hideous in my opinion greenish/yellow colour. To me, it just doesn’t seem to work. Maybe if the dial was a bit busier and without those big hour markers, the dial colour would look better overall. but right now it doesn’t work for me. Functionality is amazing with the lume, don’t get me wrong, I personally just don’t like the look so much. The second’s hand is one of the things I really like. Breitling owners will notice that the second’s hand has a small plane on the end which is in red colour. I really like that touch, it gives a little pop of colour to the watch.

The watch as I mentioned earlier has a see-through case back, I don’t know why they put it there because the Miyota 8215 isn’t anything special to look at. I know that many people are asking for this kind of thing, and sometimes I want that feature too. But I think if the watch had the solid case back and screw down crown, it had a better 100m water resistance, instead of the 50m. But they knew the problem with the Miyota movement and chose to put on a custom rotor on the movement, which really gives the watch a unique look. I personally like the touch. It looks good. The movement is very reliable as we know. I have it many of my divers and other watches and they have been working fine without problems for straight 4 years. Miyota and in general Japanese “affordable” movements are really good!

The strap surprised me just as the dial. The strap is really good quality. If they are making these straps and aren’t ordering from anyone, I think they need to consider making straps as a side business, because they are really great. The strap is in this brown/cognac colour. First time when I tried the watch on the strap wrapped my wrist perfectly. It was very soft right out of the box. The inside of the strap has this suede leather that is very soft and feels good on the wrist. The buckle is signed and also made from the stainless steel and plated with this ionic brass finishing.

Overall I like the watch and it will stay in my collection for a long time. Will it be used as many as my Vostok or other watches I have in my rotation, and the answer is: no! But it will stay as a fun watch, something that I could wear to night rides on bicycles or some kind of exploration in the woods at night. While AVI-8 are known for their aviation style timepieces this excellent teamwork between the two brands offers to watch enthusiasts a watch that has a bit more minimalist appearance than original Flyboy and made to look like something that could appear to outdoor explorers. This watch has certainly been well made and anyone who is lucky enough to purchase this watch will be pleased that the appearance is stunning (lights on!) and does not cost a fortune.

Price: €296 @ avi-8.co.uk


Japan Miyota 21 Jewels Automatic, 3 hands with date and customised rotor


CASE MATERIAL: 316L Stainless Steel with Sapphire crystal and see-through case back
CASE COLOUR: Ionic Brass Plating


DIAL COLOUR: Super-LumiNova® C3


BAND: Oiled Vegetable Tanned Leather
BAND COLOUR: Oiled Brown
BUCKLE: Solid Stainless Steel Buckle with Ionic Brass Plating
BANDWIDTH (mm) : 22




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