Strap Bandits / Monthly watch strap subscription (Review)

As we all know it, the subscription boxes/subscription services are now very popular. You can get subscription boxes for Japanese junk food, tech, comics stuff, cars… basically anything you can imagine. But I never saw subscriptions which were wristwatch related. So today we are looking at monthly watch strap subscription service Strap Bandits that sends you random watch straps every month. They have also straps that you can buy normally from them, without the element of surprise. Also, they have straps for Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3.                                                                                                              Capture

So I reached out to them if they can hook me up. And after one week the straps arrived. As you can see they all come in this box. You can choose between four plans 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and for one year. So you get 2 straps per month. The straps, as they say, aren’t for people who want to step up their game, but in my opinion, the straps are great even for something to put on a 5000$ Rolex. I opened the box and right away I saw the red leather strap with this big Panerai style buckle. The quality was really good, not what I was expecting.

I put the red one on a Spinnaker Cahil watch as it accents it very nicely. And the strap feels really nice. The break-in period was probably one day. The leather is very soft and the stitching is done very nicely. Th leather has this wrinkled pattern. The buckle is quite big for a strap that’s only 20mm. The buckle is made from stainless steel and has a good quality feel to it. The straps also feature the quick release spring bars. In my opinion, every watch/straps maker should do this. Some are already transitioning from regular spring bars to quick release, but still, it is a long way from standard.

The other strap was a leather nato. It is in this dark green colour, the leather is also very soft, but has a distressed look to it. This strap suits more a vintage, or a vintage looking watch. So I put it on the Wancher Storm Jet chronograph. The hardware for the strap is made from stainless steel and also has this quality feel.

Overall the straps are really good. To me, this is something new and I think this is really cool idea for people who have 5 or fewer watches in the collection and they want to change up something without buying a new watch. And the element of surprise when you don’t know which one they sent is like having Christmas every month 😀 So definitely check them out!


2 thoughts on “Strap Bandits / Monthly watch strap subscription (Review)

  1. They aren’t lying when they call themselves bandits. My items never arrived. They attempted to coerce me to sort it out directly with the courier. They accepted the couriers photo of the package in front of the wrong door as proof of delivery despite being able to clearly identify via Google Street view that it was not my house. They then Refused to consider any refund without return of the items they never delivered. They have been rude and dishonest every step of the way. Order at your own risk.


    1. Well it took some time, but they did reach out and acknowledge that their initial approach was not up to standard. I’m not sure if they did not originally understand the stress it was causing but they came through and did refund the missing items. They do sound good in reviews. Maybe in the future I’ll have a chance to see one in person. Pretty cool concept.


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