Clockwork Synergy Straps (Review)

“Our vision began with a man, his garage, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Looking for a better way to provide high-quality watch straps, our shop owner started Clockwork Synergy in 2005, a small ebay store with a focus on watch bands featuring Quick-Release Pins which were easy to swap out and customize. The business quickly took off, and by 2010 the company sells on multiple sites internationally (including their company website), greatly expand their inventory, and has grown to hire a family of six talented individuals. The company continues to rapidly grow each year, and plans are currently in the works to move to a larger location in beautiful Downtown Ellicott City, MD.”

The Clockwork Synergy is based in the USA and they have a large variety of straps. Lether, silicone, nato, zulu and even straps for Apple watch, Pebble watch and Android wear watches. They have really a lot of choices of styles, colours and sizes. And I wanted to check their rally straps and silicone straps as they were highly praised on watch forums for being very good at a low price. So I contacted them and they sent me some straps.

They arrived within a week and I opened the packaging and the straps were put in this branded box which is a nice touch. Not many brands give straps with their branded boxes. I opened the box and there were the straps. So I got yellow leather crock pattern rally strap, light brown leather rally strap and blue leather padded rally strap. Also three silicone straps in red, orange and in lime yellow. Overall the first impression was wow. These all went on watches I wear and I think I will leave them on. They are just so good!

So the leather straps felt really good. I really like the rally strap style as I tend to sweat more in the hot weather and I like that my wrist can breathe. The yellow one went on Helgray Silverstone which I think suits it really nicely with that blue dial with white and orange accents. The strap is in yellow colour with croc grain which is done nicely. The underlining is soft and the strap sits on the wrist nicely. The break in was immediate. The brown strap has really soft leather, I put it on the Tangramatic Bauhaus watch. Many would think that it is wrong putting a sports strap on dressy watch, but in my opinion, they go together very nicely. The third strap is a padded leather strap in dark blue colour. The leather was again very soft and comfortable. I put it on William L. Chronograph. I think it goes together very well. Oh and they all feature the quick release spring bars which are the main marketing points for Clockwork Synergy straps.

The silicone straps were I think the best ones I ever got my hands on, at least at this price point. They are soft, they aren’t thick and they also feature the signature quick release spring bars. I put them on M&S Diver, Helm Vanuatu. I think they suit the colour accents on those watches very well. The straps wear really good, they are soft, so they wrap your wrist super good. They also don’t collect dust, residue and hairs like other rubber/silicone straps do.

Overall the straps are very nice and I think a company that works in this business more than 10 years is legitimate and if it held on the float so long it also has quality products and following. When people in forums ask where to buy straps, the Clockwork Synergy will be almost every 3rd answer. So go check them out, really worth it!



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