Faust Regulus (Review)

Today we are gonna take a look at another watch from the Baltic States, particularly from Lithuania, it is also neighbouring country to where I live (Latvia). The company is called Faust. And I found about this company when I saw a couple of their watches at one of the Baltic design stores we have in Riga (Latvia), and I liked the looks. Also, I found out that they are made in limited editions. So each variation of the watch is made only in 100 units. So I wrote them an email if they could send me a sample, and they did.

They sent me the Faust Regulus watch. It came is this cardboard outer box and inside you will find a wooden block with a milled cutout in shape of the watch. And inside there, sits the watch. I like how they did this, reminds me the packaging from another watch that I reviewed in February of last year: Vejrhoj Nautic 58 north. I was quite surprised by the box. Also, I like, the coin/bottle cap side case. And the dial is filled with all the lines and that contrasting red second’s hand really stands out.

The case is made of 316L stainless steel. The finishing is brushed, but the case is covered in the rose gold coating. Which I usually tend to not like, as many watches look not so great with these coatings, but this one works for me. The case is round with hidden lugs. The diameter is 40mm, the thickness is 9,5mm and lug width is 20mm. The watch has a nice size and weight to it. The only complaint for me is the hidden lugs. I own only one watch that has hidden lugs and it is the vintage Raketa World Time watch and it wears really nice and seems to be done right. But all these new watches with round cases and hidden lugs wear strange. If you put a nice leather strap, it sits quite high due to those hidden lugs. And even higher if you want to put on the nato. I don’t know if it because the holes for spring bars are positioned different or something, but I would suggest you find either very soft and thin leather strap or two-piece nato as these work better and the watch doesn’t sit that high. Signed push/pull crown sits at 3 o’clock. It has good size and it is easy to grab and change time. Case back is screw down and has some engraved specifications, the name of the watch and also the number you get from that limited 100 unit run. The one we have here is number 37. On top of the case sits a flat sapphire glass. Water resistance surprisingly is 100m (10ATM). Which is hard to trust, because the crown is only push/pull one.

The dial is flat black with a lot of white lines going all over the dial marking the hours and minutes. It isn’t maybe for tracking time, as you can’t’ immediately see what time it is, you need to stare at it a little more to check the right time. This is more of a fashion watch than proper watch, so it is more of a fashion accessory than time teller. At 3 o’clock you will find a square date window. In my opinion, it is too small and would look better if it was black with white lettering. The hour, minute and seconds hands are minimal stick shaped and the hands are white except the second’s hand which is red.

The movement inside is Japan made Miyota 2S60 quartz. Just a decent quartz workhorse and it will be more precise than any mechanical watch. But the most amazing thing about this is that Faust fitted it with a battery that has around 10 years of lifetime. I had the watch that had quartz movement and the battery lasted me for about 9 years. So that is really neat that you don’t need to worry about the watch that long. The strap on this watch for a surprise was from a company called Di-Modell which makes really great quality straps. The company is based in Germany and makes all the straps there. I never have seen a watch company that puts aftermarket straps on their watches before. But any case it is really good. It has a regular tang style buckle also in coated in that rose gold colour. The strap was very soft so the watch wears comfortable.

Overall the Faust Regulus is interesting fashion watch. I liked the case design and the dial. Also was nice to see a great strap, sapphire glass and that amazing battery life at this price point. They have 9 other variations in the same case, just with different dial design and case colour. They all look pretty cool, but this I think looks the best.

Price: 169 @ faustwatches.com

Case Material: Brushed 316L Stainless Steel
Movement: Miyota 2S60 (Japan)
Accuracy: ± 20 sec per month
Battery Life: around 100 month
Lens: Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal
Water Proof: 10 ATM
Dial Diameter: Ø 40 mm
Thickness: 9,20 mm
Strap: Genuine German Leather
Warranty: 2 years


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