Raketa World Timer / My newest vintage find on eBay

Today I will tell you about my newest vintage find. This won’t be a review. Just short story and thoughts on this amazing watch. I was searching for the right Raketa World Time quite a long time. I wanted it to be in good, but a bit scuffed condition. The bezel I wanted with no bends, most of the watches I found had bends in them or deep scratches and dings. And I wanted the first version with the old handwritten “Raketa” logo.

One day I was browsing the eBay to find my next buy and I found this beauty, just sitting there, with no bids and 26h left till the auction ends. And after long and nervous 26 hours I snagged myself an amazing example of Russian horology.

This one is amazing, because of the patina on the dial. It kind of looks like space or a splatter of pain. This was the main reason why I didn’t hesitate and put in my bid. I was almost ready to pay 80$, usually, they go for 70 in perfect condition, a lot better than this. But this just spoke to me and I couldn’t resist.

The watch came from Ukraine. The year that I could find from a Russian watch expert was 1970-1973. The watch was fully serviced and as I measured it runs fast 12sec/a day. The movement is Raketa 2628H. Russian are well known to have movements that are bulletproof. The recommended service is just every 10 years, as for Seiko/Miyota it’s usually 3-5 years.

Here are some details on the movement:

The caliber 2628.H of the Russian Petrodworez watch factory is a hand wind movement, which features a day-date indication. The suffix .H indicates, that there was one update on the construction. With its shock protected four leg ring balance and the shock protected escapement wheel, this movement is suitable for rough situations. Russian movements often contain non-standard solutions against problems with the fitting precision of some parts. A balance cock, which gives the balance wheel too few space in height is often found on Russian movements, not only at Raketa. The “solution” is a flat metal plate, which is inserted between the main plate and the balance cock. Simple but efficient. The movement construction is standard: The minute wheel is located in the center under an own bridge and thus allowes the usage of a directly driven center second wheel. For the escapement, a swiss-type pallet lever is used. On the Raketa 2628.H, all gears, including the minute wheel are ruby-beared. Only the mainspring barrel is beared in metal bushings, but technically, that’s irrelevant. At “11:30”, “03:30” and “07:30”, three additional jewels can be spotted. They are used on the dial side for bearing the date ring. The shape of the setting lever spring with its large round plate at the bottom is typical for Raketa movements.

Raketa 2628H Technical data

Manufacturer Raketa
Caliber 2628.H
Number of jewels 19
Escapement Anchor with pallets
Balance monometallic ring balance
Shock protection(s) Poljot
Balance cock direction clockwise
Hairspring stud moveable
Regulator type Hairspring key
Movement construction Fork
Escapement wheel, Fourth wheel, Third wheel
Center wheel
Mainspring barrel
Construction type solid construction
Bridge shape Straight bridge, 3 gears
Winding mechanism yoke
Setting lever spring 4 holes
Features SCD,JG,QG
Functions Hour, minute, second, day, weekday
Beats per hour 18000
Size 111/2”’ (measured: 25,6 mm)

Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase. Everyone says that the watch looks amazing, and when I ask the price, everyone says 400-1000$ but I bought the watch for 60$. I really got myself an amazing deal. I put it on amazingly soft vintage suede leather nato strap from cheapestnatostraps.com. The strap really gives the watch some nice vintage look.Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


6 thoughts on “Raketa World Timer / My newest vintage find on eBay

  1. Hey friend,

    I have the exact same watch and wanted to know which strap it was that you got. There’s quite a few brown suede ones on the website but I can’t seem to match them up with the one in your picture

    (Apologies I accidentally commented this on your picture)


  2. Hey thanks so much for the reply! I read your blog regularly but the comment reply function failed to mail me. Hence seeing this a few weeks late.

    Much appreciated as I love the look of your band and I agree one of my favourite watches. So much so that I managed to get one with the original paperwork and watch back also complete with the mark of quality like yours has on the watch face!

    Thanks again Kaminsky!


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