Larsen & Eriksen Watch Rolls Black&Brown (Review)

Yes, another watch roll review. Many of you requested more watch roll/travel case reviews. And so today we are gonna take a look at Larsen & Eriksen watch rolls in brown and black buffalo leather. They also sent me two of their watches, but for them, I will make a separate article next month.

Larsen & Eriksen is a company that makes watches, watch rolls and some coffee table books. The company is based in Denmark, Copenhagen. The company is named bu two of their founders and designers Jeppe Larsen and Magnus Eriksen. As part of their #BIKESFORAHAPPIERWORLD initiative, they are distributing abandoned bikes from Denmark to farmers, doctors, teachers, moms, dads and children in Senegal and the Gambia. Every time they sell a watch, they donate an inner tube to one of these bicycling humans. That is actually pretty cool, as I’ve been in Denmark and they have a lot of abandoned bicycles there, that other could use.

So the watch rolls came in these very nice black cardboard boxes. I like the design of the boxes a lot. They are simple, but yet feel good and gives nice unboxing experience. Initial impressions of the watch rolls were good. I immediately felt the nice smell of that buffalo leather and taking in hands you really can feel how nice the leather is.

So these are classic watch rolls. The design is simple and easy to use. The size is 23 X 48 cm unfolded. They come in black and light brown colour. Th leather is genuine buffalo leather. The outline of the watch roll is stitched with nice stitching. And on the corner of the watch roll, you will find embossed Larsen & Eriksen logo. These watch rolls can fit up to 8 watches. I have to say that at first the pockets for the watches looked a bit small and I thought that some of my watches won’t fit. But after some testing they fit watches up to 46mm without a problem, 47mm and 48mm you kind of can fit too, but it will take some effort. The inside of the watch roll has soft suede so you don’t have to worry scratching your watches. The last pocket has an embossed old-school bicycle, as they distribute the abandoned bicycles. The watch roll is secured with a thick leather band that is secured to the watch roll with a brass rivet.

The leather on the watch roll is really nice and has a nice texture. I used the brown one for 2 weeks and already you can see that after a couple of years it will have this nice aged look to it. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it will look after some years of use. I wouldn’t recommend filling it up to 8 watches as it get’s quite big when it’s full. I usually take around 5-6 watches some straps. It can fit mostly any messenger bag or backpack easily and will be great for travelling. Especially they will be handy for those who can’t travel without taking almost the whole collection.

The price is really good too. Only €53.75. Which is basically an average price for a nice leather watch roll. I think it is worth investing in. I think anyone should own any sort of travel case or watch roll for their watches. As it is handy not only for travelling but going on watch geek meetups. So far I used mine for the watch geek meetups, but in the summer this one will travel with me to Australia for two weeks. 

Price: €53.75 @




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