Larsen & Eriksen Absalon 41mm (Review)

About month ago we took a look at the Larsen & Eriksen watch rolls, which were really good by the way and I’m using them almost every day when I go out to meeting about watches. I just pop in a couple of watches and put the roll in my bag. And the leather is already starting to show some ageing marks. But today we are gonna look at some watches they make. Particularly two of their watches from the Absalon 41mm collection.

Larsen & Eriksen is a company that makes wristwatches, watch rolls and some coffee table books. The company is based in Denmark, Copenhagen. The company is named after two of their founders and designers Jeppe Larsen and Magnus Eriksen. As part of their #BIKESFORAHAPPIERWORLD initiative, they are distributing abandoned bikes from Denmark to farmers, doctors, teachers, moms, dads and children in Senegal and the Gambia. Every time they sell a watch, they donate an inner tube to one of these bicycling humans. That is actually pretty cool, as I’ve been in Denmark and they have a lot of abandoned bicycles there, that other people could use.

The watches again, just like the watch rolls came in these nice black cardboard boxes. I really like the packaging of the Larsen & Eriksen. Inside the box, you get the strap and the watch separately and some papers (warranty, instructions). So the versions they sent me is the silver case and dial on the bracelet. The second one is black case and dial on a brown leather strap. Both are pretty cool looking, but the silver one is my favourite as the case back shows more on this one. On the case back you have a very nice engraving of the panorama, from what I guess it is Copenhagen’s panorama. And did I mention they are assembled by hand?

So the Absalon watch cases are made of stainless steel. The machine work is done pretty well, can’t see any rough finish on the case or any defects. The finishing on the silver one is brushed and on the black one, we have this matte finish with the black PVD coating. Both finishings are good, but I’m more of a fan of the silver one, I just don’t like black watches that much. Plus the engraving of the city panorama shows more on the silver one. The case shape is round, the diameter is 41mm, lug to lug it measures at 48,5mm and the thickness is 7,1mm. The lug width is 20mm. Lugs Overall the proportions of the case are pretty good, I like the size and it wears more like 39mm watch. Due to its thickness, it is also very comfortable on the wrist and will easily fit under the cuff of your shirt. It will be a perfect everyday watch as you don’t even notice it on your wrist. At 3 o’clock we have a push/pull crown. The crown is very simple with no marking for extra grip, it is just smooth, but it doesn’t make it harder to grip, it is actually pretty easy to operate. The solid case back is snap-in, and this actually is the one thing that I don’t like on this watch. First of all, it is hard to take it off and put it back, and of course, it won’t ever be as water resistant as screw in case backs. I think they chose the snap in case back so it looked cleaner and they could engrave the city panorama. But still, I would prefer the screw in case back and would mind seeing those notches. Over the dial, you will find a hardened mineral crystal which at this price point is acceptable. The water resistance for the Absalon watches is 3ATM (30m) so you can’t go swimming with this one or showering. Maybe light rain and some splashes of water, but that’s it.

Absalon features pretty minimal dials, the silver one has a silver sunburst dial and the black one has a matte black dial. If you like to see time more easily I would suggest you get the silver one as on the black one it is really hard to read time. The dial is split into 12 lines and they work as hour markers. At 12 we have the Larsen & Eriksen logo with Copenhagen under the logo and at 6 o’clock right by the edge, we have a Ronda Movt. writing. The hour and minute hands on both versions are black and pretty simple. And that is it, the dials as you can see are very minimalistic. The black one has less function and is more for looks, but they are both great looking.

Inside the Absalon, you will find a Swiss Ronda FE762 quartz movement which is just another basic quartz movement. All Ronda quartz movements will always be precise and long-lasting. The battery life is about 24-32 months.

The silver Absalon came with a stainless steel bracelet and the black one came on a brown leather strap. The bracelet I actually like a lot better than the leather strap. The leather strap is quite stiff and even after 2 weeks of wearing the watch, the strap is still pretty stiff. The leather is nice and very soft to touch, but as I said, it is too stiff. But the bracelet option to me felt a bit more thought out and fits like a glove. Yes, the links are folded and you adjust it just like the mesh bracelets, but it is much better and more comfortable way to wear your Absalon for sure. Also, it looks quite cool, and I would love to see this bracelet in black with the back case.

Overall these are interesting fashion watches. I like the engraving on the case back and the thin and simple design. Yes, the crystal is mineral and that snap in case back will get loose after many battery changes, but the price is quite fair for what you get. Also will be giving one away, so look for a giveaway post here and on Instagram soon 🙂

Price: €134.23 @




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