Seiko Orange Monster SRP309 increasing in value

When I got my 2nd generation Seiko Orange Monster SRP309, I never thought that this would be the watch that would increase in value, because for most of the people it looked ugly and strange. Not so many people liked them, only those who knew what it was bought it.

I noticed the price increase only when I stumbled across Random Rob’s video where he talks how the prices of the SRP309 got up. Then I went to eBay, typed in “Seiko SRP309” and I was surprised to see that new ones are going for 650-700$ and used ones are going for 450-550$. And this was half a year ago, now they are going from 600$ and up used with scratches and new ones are going for 800$ and up. And it is really surprising because I got mine new for a bit over 200$ with papers and box in 2016.

Here you can check eBay listings:

Why is this happening? Well, the SRP309 2nd generation Orange Monster wasn’t made for a long time and it is discontinued, the 3rd generation is discontinued too. And actually, there wasn’t a lot made and people weren’t really into them. The watch shop from which I bought it, said that these are really hard to sell. Another reason would be that out of the 3 generations, 2nd is probably the most attractive. The dial with those shark teeth looks really cool.

In the past months, I actually had about 10 offers from people who would buy it from me for 500-600$. And I rejected them all. This is my first Seiko and I love it. Last summer I wore this almost every day. I have been swimming with it, it has been in mud. It is really been used as it should be, and I got to say, it has almost no scratches. I did not baby this watch, but somehow it didn’t get scratched at all.

So will the watch increase in value even more? I think yes, I think it could even reach 1000$ mark in a year or two. As there isn’t a lot of them for sale now. There are only 3 examples of SRP309 on eBay for sale and couple of them are selling on forums. Anyways, I’m not selling mine, it is a keeper. It is my first Seiko, it was on my wrist when I was swimming in sea, rivers, lakes and also been in mud and sand a lot. And still, it is working great!

Here you can read full review of the Orange Monster:


2 thoughts on “Seiko Orange Monster SRP309 increasing in value

  1. Hi. 4 months ago i found brand new with “J1” code. I’m so lucky to bring it from Australia to Turkey.


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